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  1. TMat

    My First Fanfic - Characters

    Okay, so I've been coming up with a couple of fanfics for a while now and had planned to put them up somewhere. One is based off of Naruto and the other is based off of Kingdom Hearts. But the thing is that I wanted to be a little more original with the setup. So I decided to have the stories...
  2. TMat

    Movies Best Movies of 2008

    I know it's a little early seeing as a few big-name movies will still be coming out a little later, but try to name your top three choices so far here. I say top three because at this point, I absolutely know which two are on top for me, but one or two is okay. 1) The Dark Knight 2) Iron Man 3)...
  3. TMat

    New Character

    Wow. It's been a while since I've done this. Sorry if I'm a little rusty. This will probably be my universal character for any RPs that involve fighting. Name: Takeshi Matsui Age: Depends on RP Gender: Male Personality: Strong-will; strong-mind; logical; stern, but kind; straightforward in...
  4. TMat

    Re-introduction: TMat

    Well, it's been two years since I've been on this site. Hi all!
  5. TMat

    My First Creation

    This is the very first graphic I've ever made. Hope you all like it!
  6. TMat

    Naruto Role-Play

    Once, the planet was divided into five countries: Fire Country, Lightning Country, Water Country, Earth Country, and Wind Country. The countries lived peacefully until three years ago. Lightning and Wind Countries shinobi clans suddenly went to war against one another. Earth Country’s shinobi...
  7. TMat

    Naruto Role-Play

    Rules: NO God-Modding 6 Genin (Students) Only 1 Jonin (Sensei) per group of 3 If your character has a kekegenkai (bloodline trait), he/she may NOT use it in the beginning of the role-play If your character has more than one kekegenkai, he/she may NOT use both at the same time You may choose to...
  8. TMat

    Another Character

    Name: Kaito Tozuna (May change due to type of role-play.) Age: 15 (May change due to type of role-play.) Weapon(s): Basilikos - Light weight and easy to use. Magical elements can be transfered to the blade in order to heighten damage due to enemies elemental weakness. Heightens speed and...
  9. TMat

    My First Character

    Name: Keith Age: 16-21 (Depending on the RP) Gender: Male Occupation: Mercenary Weapon(s): Dual Lionheart Gunblades Pic/Appearance: Except with a burnt cape w/ a scarf that covers the lower half of his face and a deep scar over his left eye. Personality: Cold, ruthless, strong-minded...
  10. TMat


    wuddap, ppl!? names new to this forum, but im not new to foruming...some of u may kno me from another forum, which i wont mention...anyway, hope i get to talk to all u guys!