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  1. Nitz

    Amazon burns through workers so quickly that executives are worried

    would you guys work there ??? I hear some shitty stories!
  2. Nitz

    PS5 overheating

    anyone have PS5 overheating issues yet ?
  3. Nitz

    xbox game pass E3 2021 List

    Microsoft has announced a whole slate of games that will be joining Xbox Game Pass today, with 11 new titles available on the subscription service via Xbox and PC. The new Game Pass titles were announced during Microsoft and Bethesda’s joint E3 conference on Sunday. The lion’s share comes...
  4. Nitz

    New Year, New Us

    Hey everyone, It's been a crazy year, covid hit us last year. And, it has changed the world in many ways. Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. We have been slowly revamping things on the forums. And, have new plans to update certain forums and even get up a blog and video...
  5. Nitz

    What's your build ?

    List out your builds, and let's see what everyone's got right now.
  6. Nitz


    so what do you think of the new ps5 controller ? I do like the sleek new look on it. think it looks better than the xbox one series controller for sure.
  7. Nitz

    Movies Avengers Endgame

    So what did people think ? Was it the best out of all of the avengers series ?
  8. Nitz


    alright let's hear it... what do you think of "president" trump ?:clown:
  9. Nitz

    halo wars

    I see there are multiple versions of halo wars. Has anyone played all of them, would you recommend them ?
  10. Nitz

    Halo Infinite

    Anyone looking forward to this game ? I really hope they bring back split screen co-op! They pissed me off by not bringing it in last game... I've played this with friends on split screen every year... until the last one :2guns:
  11. Nitz

    modern warfare updates

    is it me, or are the updates for MW just massive and often ? I feel like every week a new update is out and it takes awhile to download the whole thing even with a fast connection....:toilet:
  12. Nitz

    100th blog

    good old days!
  13. Nitz


    Anyone here still playing WoW ? I haven't played in forever, the last game I played was WC3 lol!! :dead:
  14. Nitz

    CoD Warzone

    anyone playing warzone ? I'm looking to build a team maybe of 4 of us ?:2guns:
  15. Nitz

    Debate black lives matter

    so as most of you have seen what's going out on there. A lot of protests and wanted to see how others feel about it ? Personally, I always felt there was some un justice to colored people. You see cops do it all the time. It's a sad place to be in at 2020 and still seeing this problem take place.
  16. Nitz

    Movies venom 2

    anyone excited about venom 2 ? looks like due to covid it's been delayed for a bit.
  17. Nitz

    Xbox Series X

    So the new xbox finally is coming out soon anyone excited ? I'm pretty sure I will end up getting it, especially if I can keep using my gamepass and live on xbox. I do like the design, and that 1TB SSD ohhh yeah. Plus the air flow is really well done this time around! No more overheating...
  18. Nitz

    PS5 Showcased

    Alright so they announced and reveasled the PS5 today. What do you all think ? would you buy it ? I don't like the sides of it, seems like they tried to make a futuristic look. :2guns:
  19. Nitz

    Quantum Break

    This game looks awesome!!! anyone getting it? I'll probably wait till the price goes down a bit. Kinda pricey at 80+ bucks! :evil:
  20. Nitz

    Music - Lyrics or Beats?

    Just curious.... Does anyone here create music... like beats or lyrics of their own?