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  1. Geer

    Game Script

    So I am currently in my spare time working on a script for a game I want to make. Right now I am working on the story. I got this inspiration from other games I have played. The genre is horror. I have played a few "horror survival" games and all I can say is that not a single one of them...
  2. Geer

    Dead Space

    So as of right now I have every achievement for Dead Space except one. That is the Engineer Tier 3, where you beat the game on the hardest difficulty. At first I thought it was hard mode but that wasnt true. There was another difficulty above that but to play on it you have to do something...
  3. Geer

    XBOX 360 Redringed!!

    Alright so my xbox finally decided to redring on me. After a whole month of not playing the damn thing too. When I finally decide to pick it up again and play with a friend it redrings. After I ship my xbox in and geta refurbished one how do I manage to open up the case? I'm planning on...
  4. Geer

    XBOX 360 Project Natal

    Well for anyone who hasn't heard about it or seen it it's a new feature for the 360. (I've heard that it's an accessory to buy and it's something that you have to buy a whole new xbox for. I don't know which one is true but if you have to buy a whole new xbox then that just sucks) Everyone...
  5. Geer

    News Michael Jackson dead?

    Apparently there is word going around that Michael Jackson has died at the hospital. They say Fox news has a page about it. Is it true or not?
  6. Geer

    Manga and Anime series

    Hey everybody. Long time no see. I need to start getting on more often. I'm looking for a good manga series or anime to read and watch. Any ideas. I've been reading: Chibi Vampire Rosario + Vampire Ouron High School Host Club Shaman King Naruto Negima! And watching: Happy Lesson and the...
  7. Geer

    Relations between Games, Parents, and Physical Violence

    These are some thoughts about the relationship between the argument, Violence in Video games. I was in English class when the thoughts came into my head. If things don't seem like good grammar its because Im typing this directly off the paper I wrote it on. So there is no editing. The...
  8. Geer

    Some edited photos

    This is a photo that I edited using photoshop. Enjoy
  9. Geer

    XBOX 360 Grand Theft Auto 4

    This game is mega fun. All the new features are amazing. The only feature I really don't care for too much is the new way you drive a car. I don't like the turns the cars have to take. They are always too wide. But everything else is great.
  10. Geer

    XBOX 360 Army Of Two

    This game (despite reviews) is a fun game. The gameplay can somewhat make up for story plots and if you're looking for something that can make you laugh then this game will do that. Unfortunately the game messed up for me in a bad way. I played co-op quite a bit with my friend. Beating the...
  11. Geer

    Movies A new show

    A couple of friends and I have made a sketch comedy show by taking things we find in video games or just videos that are funny and put them together. We put music over them and stuff. We call it Gamervision. We already have two full length episodes posted up on the internet. Unfortunatly...
  12. Geer

    XBOX 360 BioShock

    Bioshock is a different kind of game to play. It's a basic horror shooter game. But it doesn't have to much horror. What I'm saying is that the game isn't based toward the horror as every other horror game. It has horror moments in there, some parts where you feel like the blood drains from...
  13. Geer

    Comedy movies

    In my opinion the one movie that I recently saw that I would say to people to watch it is called Strange Wilderness. It's a Happy Madison production with Steve Zahn, (The guy from Sahara and Saving Silverman), Johna Hill, Justin Long, and others. I don't think I stopped laughing once the first...
  14. Geer

    The man of many names.......well maybe just a few

    this is me, also known as Edge, Ej, or Ghost tell me if this works That's and album of my pictures on my myspace so is this MySpace
  15. Geer

    My Farewell

    One of the main reasons I'm on this site is the Rping. But every RP I was in has died. So won't be getting on GP for a while. That and because I have a bunch of work to do.
  16. Geer

    Two of My Drawing

    The first pic is of Master Chief that I drew a long time ago. This next one is a drawing of the Demon Hunter symbol. It looks much better on paper than it does when I scanned it...
  17. Geer

    Funny Video

    Me and Jing found this video when searching something called faces of death. This actually has nothing to do with it but we were laughing everytime we watched it.
  18. Geer


    Im a new member on a forum site just for Death Note. While there I saw they had a mood thing. I think it is really neat. You set what mood your in and you get a little picture. It's kind of hard to explain but it is a pretty good idea I think.
  19. Geer

    Ninja Gaiden Black

    This game is a very fast paced game. I have barely played it because I don't own a copy of it, but it is an intense game. I love it.
  20. Geer

    Tales of the Bored pic

    This is a picture of the cast and crew of the first Tales of the Bored series. On the very left would be Joey, or on this site, Genitic Disaster. The middle person who is actually closer to the right would be James, or on this site, Yoh, or Jing. They are the cast of Tales of the Bored 1...