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    No Homo

    Lol you ever heard the saying no homo? For some reason if you say something gay you can just say no homo and your cool. Well this guy takes that to the extreme. YouTube - NO HOMO Cal. Newman (
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    September 11th Revisited

    You think it was terrorist who crashed the planes into the twin towers? No, It wasn't. Most likely it was the goverment A plane can NOT make a whole buildin collapse. Just watch this movie if you dont belive me. September 11th Revisited: Were explosives used?
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    Think The World Is Ending 2012?t

    Think twice, Heres the explination why the world is NOT ending 2012. YouTube - Are you ready?
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    Family Guy FC

    Dang, How could someone not make one? If you like Family Guy you should join this FC.
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    Kill The Last Poster

    The way you play this game is easy, Just kill the person who posted before. Make the way you kill them interesting.(Yes you can overkill) Now Post away! I'll go first. *Takes A water hoes tape it into your mouth, turn the water on full blast* Then K's you down!* :AK:
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    Yup ya boy is back. I been gone for awhile, But I'm back for good. Waddup people?
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    Sexy Axx Sasuke =]

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    Alright, I thought this was funny.

    Is it?
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    Mcdonalds FC

    I love this food!! Anyone wanna join?
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    General Chat: Jamie Will Be Missed

    Alright here are the rules. 1:No Flaming 2:No one word post 3:No Post like this "wiofhew" 4:No post that say "SPAM SPAM SPAM"( I hate that) Now post away.
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    The Real World

    I love this show, I only really like Phlidelphia though. You guys watch it?
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    I have Halo on PC, Great game. Anyone played it for PC? ;)
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    Sig And Avi Request!

    Size:This forum limit Size Main Text :AK-47 Color: Black And Brown. Pictures: Animation:Will u please make the name AK-47 Glow In brown. And Only use the Left said Pic of Vi Vi please.
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    Yo! Sup! Its Dat Gunner Clan!

    Who wanna join? If u wanna join, Make yo RPG name a name of any kind of Gun. And u must figth ALOT cuz I'm tryin to make this clan da best ever On this forums.
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    P. Diddy Has Been Found Dead!

    The Rapper And Record Label Owning Black male has been found dead, 2 minutes ago. The Rapper "The Game" Said he did it. He has tookin out P.Diddy. He said Blackwallstreet Fuk Bad Boy.
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    Delta Force:Extreme

    Whoa this game is awsome! U can ride motorcycles and everything! Who has played this game?
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    Amare Stoudamire FC

    Who wanna join??
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    Hitman creation's

    Heres one I made with my brothers help of course lol.
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    Who has Photoshop and really uses it?

    If u have it can u please help me out and tell me how to make the letter glow.