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    Ok heres an idea that I think I brought up a little while ago but may as well try again. I'm asking if anyone wants to see more competitions for things like gil or vBux or suggest your owns prizes and we'll see what we can do. If we make a Competition Bunker in the 7th Heaven forum or somewhere...
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    Love Hina

    Man I watched this series not so long ago and I love. Its so bloody funny some of the stuff that happens like when Su makes the kiss machine LOL. Also I hear theres christmas special and stuff....just wandering how many there actually are?
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    Just wandering if anyone has any good anagrams they know. Its when a sentence or a word are spelt exactly the same from back to from. heres one i've known for years. Rats Live on No Evil Star Read it backwards lol.
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    Hey because you said you were interested in making the webpage and you and Nitz always seem to be at different times I thought that maybe you could post an example of the web pages you've done so were able to get the site up and running as soon as possible?
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    Cowboy Bebop Quiz.

    I thought this would be fun. FQ: What is the name of the character which gets magic mushrooms for everyone?
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    Jing vs Cloud...The Eternal Battle.

    This is only for Jing and myself because we want to own each other that badly. Some rules will be: No absolute god-modding No killing each other unless we have permission lol. You may control the other character but they are not allowed to be out of the fight. YOu are pretty much alowed to do...
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    Best Romance Game?

    In here its pretty much like the funniest game thread but just what you think had the best romance in it. I'm saying FF9 man that was so good.
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    Big Brother

    Not that anyone gives a **** but Jamie just won big brother 06 like 2 minutes ago lol. Anyone else have this crappy show in their country? lol
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    lol dirty ass ho bag

    Dammit!! >< I just spent like friggin 400,000 points in the stupid vB plaza and found out that it made my acc look **** lol so I removed them.....what a rip LOL.
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    Glomp The Person Above You

    No one to glomp :( :glomp: EDIT by Cloud: Ahhhhh **** I thought we had that #@$# smily LOL sorry guys.
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    Character Creation.

    1: If you have a character that you have developped post it in here. 2: You may not RP in this area it is only for character creation. 3: Add a decent length to your characters profile and not just a sentence or two. Thats alll for here thanks :)
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    Creation Forum Rules

    1: Anything which you have created may be posted in here. This includes banners, poems. 2: Things you have found on the internet and you think may be funny please post in here for all to see. As long as it is image or ceative related feel free to post in here.
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    Otaku Talk Forum Rules

    Very similar to the rest of the Entertainment Square rules. 1: No posting of previous popular anime titles like Naruto which seem to be poping up everwhere lol. 2: Anything on Manga may be posted in here as well. 3: Even anything anime related such as popular voice actors or the opening and...
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    Bigscreen Rules

    Basics: 1: Anything movie or TV orientated may be posted in here. 2: It is suggested that if you are posting the ending or a 'maybe' spoiler please put it in a tag just in case. 3: Any TV topics apart from anime may be dscussed within this forum.
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    The Jukebox rules.

    Simple rules again here. 1: No posting of any bands that are totally vile and support any sort of mass violence or incredibly disturbing lyrics....we do have younger members here. 2: No posting of other bands which have already had a previous thread on it. Thats about all really.
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    PSX/PS2 Forum Rules

    Just basic set of rules here that will aply to the rest of the console forums. 1: Only post threads which are specific to the console forum you are in such as PSX games only in the PSX forum obviously. 2: No posting of other sites hard earned material such as a walkthrough from a website that...
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    Voice acting.

    I'm really interested in voice acting and have considered it as a career myself. I ractice quite a lot while watching anime in subtitles. I'm wondering if anyone else here does the same? Its do fun to do XD.
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    Apple core's

    I'm eating an apple right now am I'm thinking to myself. Who actually eats the core of the apple? I know I do and i'm curious to see who else out there does the same. I know not many people do which is why i'm asking.
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    Banjo Kazoie

    Ok I saw that this game hasn't got a mention yet. This is one of the most classic N64 games out there. I realise it doesn't have the same replay value as Zelda such but its still a fun came every once in a while. Has anyone actually finished the game 100%? I don't think its really possible not...
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    Would Superman.....?

    I'm not to sure were else to put this but seeing as Superman is movies and currently a TV show I'll put it here. Just wandering if superman could suffer from things like bad breathe lol. I know he is super but what the deal with bad breathe? You think he's got some form of super bacteria...