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  1. Bisola

    PS5 Tales of Rebirth?

    The game will surely make it into my top 5 best game of the Tales franchise. I really love it so much. It's among my personal favourite.
  2. Bisola

    XBOX 360 Currently Playing

    I started playing The Legend of Zelda : Breath of Wild all over again. I can't get over this game. It's one of the best video games ever released as far as I'm concerned. I have completed Ocarina of Time last year.
  3. Bisola

    Water Cooling

    My Playstation 3 back then was always placed closed to the window. Having good ventilation is good to help your system to cool down and not overheat. It helped me well.
  4. Bisola

    Tales of Eternia?

    I have played Tales of Eternia and I can say that it's a good game. But am I addicted to it? No, it's not gotten to that level yet. I'm enjoying it whenever I get time to play.
  5. Bisola

    Becoming virtually rich in a Game?

    I really wish it's possible for me to turn my in game currency into real life money. I would be richer than the richest man in the world today Elon Musk.
  6. Bisola

    Gaming Marathons, anyone?

    The last video game I marathon played was Stray. It wasn't a so long game which was why it was easy for me to go at it in that manner and have it completed in about 6 to 8 hours. It's an adventure game of a cat that was separated from its family.
  7. Bisola

    Can a game ever fully satisfy you?

    If a game can truly satisfy any gamer, there wouldn't be anything like backlogs. Unfortunately, we can't be good with playing 100 games or 200 games. It's why we keep buying when there's a new game.
  8. Bisola

    Favourite Pet-Raising Games?

    I have plans on starting to play this game Stray because there's so much good reviews about the game. I heard it ended in a way showing there's going to Stray 2. Do you feel the same thing with the way Stray ended!
  9. Bisola

    Favourite Dating Games?

    The SIMS 4 would be the best dating game I've played. There's so much you can do in the game which is very entertaining. Love Language Japanese is another one which I enjoyed playing and if you fancy Japanese culture, you will enjoy playing the game.
  10. Bisola

    Blackberry Torch

    I used Blackberry Torch when it came out 2011. It made a lot of headlines back then because Blackberry phones was leading the chart more than any other phone including iPhone. It wasn't a bad phone.
  11. Bisola

    Dark screen

    If it's not a fault, that someone probably massed up with your screen brightness display setting. If you can find a way around to set it back to being bright, I'm sure it's going to be all bright and lively again. Let me know if it works.
  12. Bisola

    Gaming and Multi-tasking?

    Whenever I want to play video games, I will always drop every other thing that I need to do and focus completely on playing the game until I am done. In most cases, I usually play video games for about two hours before I am done for the day and then I will go over to another thing.
  13. Bisola

    Most relaxing Games?

    I find playing shooting video games to be very relaxing for me. It's why I love playing Call of Duty games so much. I've also played Gears of War, Halo Infinite and Apex Legends.
  14. Bisola

    Gaming and Depression?

    I have never been depressed in my life. I know that it's a lot to take in and process when it comes to what those who are depressed have to deal with all the time but I'm sure playing games might help in a way.
  15. Bisola

    Movies Horror Movies

    I'm going to stream this new horror movie on my Netflix tonight. I hope it's going to be something very creepy and enjoyable.
  16. Bisola

    Elden ring

    The exact date for the release of Elden Ring was on 25th February 2022. It was the game that won the best game award of the year after beating God of War Ragnarok to the prize. It's my favourite soul's game now.
  17. Bisola

    Pokemon Red, anyone?

    This is one of my favorite Pokémon games. I never got tired of playing it no matter how long it took me to play it in a day. I enjoyed playing it on my Nintendo 3DS. I couldn't play it on my Gameboy.
  18. Bisola

    PS3 New Guitar Hero Games

    I followed this game and its updates for a while and hoping that it was going to be a very big hit but it never meet my expectations on it. I had to give up on it on the long run.
  19. Bisola

    PS3 PS3 Price Cuts Coming Soon?

    I purchased my own PlayStation 3 when it was released immediately. I couldn't wait to take advantage of the price cut. Congratulations to all those who managed to take advantage of the offer.
  20. Bisola

    PS3 PS3 Slim

    I played on all Playstation consoles. I enjoyed my time with playing on PS3 Slim. It's a bit of a frustrating thing that I'm yet to get my hands on my own PlayStation 5 but I will definitely get it soon.