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It has been 5 years since the two worlds of Humans and Spirits has combine. It was all thanks to the three Higher Spirits:
Spirit of Creation (taken)
Spirit of Death
Spirit of Life
Now, Humans and Spirits has been getting along well; going to school together, being friends and some lovers. But something is going wrong; lately Spirits powers are beginning to become out of control or weak. With this being a problem Human crated a Controller Core for Spirits that they can wear around there necks or wrists.
The three Higher Spirits are looking into this, but it seems that is getting worse and worse, and what’s even more terrible it seemed that the three higher spirits have gone missing; the only higher spirits left are there children. What is going on in these worlds... or between the worlds?


-No God moding

-No controlling others

-No Power Play

-Romance is allow

-The max amount of characters you can have in the RP are two

-There are two openings to be the children of the Spirit of Life and the Spirit of Death, if you wish to be either’s child; PM me (First come first serve)

-The Races allowed in this RP are Humans, Spirits and Half breeds

-Spirits range from Emotions and Elements

-When the RP starts everyone will be in the main capital called Hirule City

- Only 5 can join this RP, first come first serve, after 5 have join it’ll be the end of sign-ups.

- Half breeds are the only people who have BOTH abilities and Skills

- No one sentence posting, must at least post one paragraph or more.


~Profiles Outline~
Race (Spirit, Human, Half breed)
Abilities (what is your power, if you are a Spirit and a half breed)
Skills (what can you do with your weapon, if you are a human and a Half breed)
Bio (state in your bio if you are a child of a Higher Spirit)
Strength (List at least three )
Weakness (List at least 3 one of them has to be deadly against you)
Extra Info (put any quirks or likes and dislike here)

~My Characters~

Name: Yohhso “Yoh” Teaggle

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 139 pd.

Race: Spirit

Weapon: Battle Yo-Yos

Abilities: Just like his mother he has the power to create things; but sadly whatever he creates he can’t bring to life, so most of the time he just create objects. Whenever he’s about to create something he uses his tail like a brush to draw it out, his tail excretes a special ink near the white tip.


Personality: Very flamboyant, he always wear his emotions on his sleeves and refuse to act his age. But he does have a serious side, only showed to ones close to him; mostly his sister. But other than that he’s just a playful fool who loves to make people laugh, even more so when they are down.

Bio: Yoh is the elder brother of Tif, but if you ever saw them together you would swear he was the youngest. The choice of being the next Spirit of creation was no contest; he gave it to his sister. He hates having such stress on his shoulders; he’s the care free type after all.
Since he gave up the throne of being a true spirit of creation, he can’t give life to what he creates. He noticed this when he was young and drew a puppy… it just laid there dead. It was the first time reality gave him such a hard slap.

Since then he only create things that doesn’t need life, such as clothing, food and other things. He lives with his young sister, alone now since there mother seem to have disappeared along with the other higher sprits. He’s a bit worry….

- Poison doesn’t kill him, makes him drunk
- Able to lift 72 times his own weight
- Very fast reflexes, always land on his feet.

- Easy to get drunk
- Scares easy in the dark
- Sliver is deadly to him, touching it burns him and one shard in his system makes him very sick

Extra Info.:
Even though he’s straight he loves to cross dress also he has a bit of a sister complex.
He wears his control core around his neck as a collar, engraved on the collar is his sister’s name.

He likes: Dressing up, stuff animals, Art and sweets
He hates: The Dark, Seeing his sister in trouble and violence

Name: Tee-fa “Tif” Teaggle

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 150 pd.

Race: Spirit

Weapons: Two Handed Blade

Abilities: Just like her older brother she can draw things with her tail, but unlike him she can draw living things and bring them to life. But sadly at the coast of her life energy, the longer her creation have life the more of her life energy is used up, she can die from this.


Personality: She’s more serious than her brother, with a sharp tongue and blunt nature; it’s hard to tell when she’s joking or not. She never seems to smile and most of the time very quiet. But with her brother around she can be talkative… only to him. Its hard to tell if she’s shy or if she just hates you.

Bio: Born a year after her brother, Yoh gave her the title to be next in line for being the Spirit of creation. She was always under her mother’s watchful eyes to be the best. She rarely got out the home to be a normal girl, but her brother made sure she did, sometimes he would sneak her out just walk around of play games.

Tif loved her brother for that, ever the tom boyish type she wonder if her brother should be born a girl rather than she, since she hates wearing the robes of the chosen. Alone with her brother she often speaks in riddles and so does her brother… she likes that, it’s almost like she and her brother has their own world where no one is allowed.

- Able to lift 100 times her own weight no more above that
- Very flexible, she can bend in almost any way
- Hard to get drunk

- Thunder scares her, it’s too loud
- Deadly Alurgic to nuts
- Has a short temper

Extra Info:

Under her chosen robe she wears shorts.
She wears her Control Core as a collar around her neck, engraved in it is her brother’s name.
She has a bit of a brother complex.

Like: Spicy foods, Blades and Art
Hates: Thunder Storms, being tickled (only brother can) and His brother being picked on

-If you want to be the child of the other two Higher Spirits PM me-
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