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Jan 12, 2006
Outworld, Canada
I don't have an official technical blog/website at the moment. Therefore, I will use this forum for this in the meantime.

So, I was working on a clients project and ran into a problem. The client was using Drupal as a CMS. But, they now wanted to move to Wordpress since they heard so many great things about it. I personally myself am a Wordpress enthusiast.

I looked around for a free convert and didn't find one. I did find bits and pieces of MYSQL queries, but that only helps so much. I then found a paid option that was charging me over $100+ to convert my clients work. So I got fed up and decided I will code my own in php.

So I finished the converter and then decided I would offer it up for a VERY cheap fee. I will complete the conversion for you using my converter for only $20 US. It doesn't matter how many posts/users etc.. you have or any of that sort. Also you need NO technical knowledge, the software is literally the type where you hit enter and it runs the converter.

What types of information does my convert convert?

All USERS - (username, email, IP address, registration date, active/inactive account) - (It does NOT convert over passwords due to privacy reasons. But all users can be sent an email to reset/get a new password.)

All POSTS - (Title, Post Content, Date, Name of user who made the post, published or private, teaser/excerpt)

All TAGS - (tag name, description and what posts it belongs too)

All COMMENTS - (Comment content, date, name of comment poster, Ip address of poster, date, email, homepage)

I believe that covers most of what everyone wishes to have ported over. However, I am willing to always add-on other options that may have been missed.

In order to ask for my services you can Private Message me and we can discuss the issue.

I have added additional ways to port other information. A client of mines --> http://www.yourindiefilm.com had asked me to port a specific module that had detailed info about each post. I was able to add that in the code so they also got other additional vital information ported over. I did a whole Drupal to Wordpress port for YourIndieFilm and as you can see it worked out perfectly. The client is VERY happy that they did not have to start from scratch and that their old data could be ported over. :)



PS: If you are looking for other converters or one from Wordpress to Drupal send me a message. As I don't mind creating one for you.