Sirius Black


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Jul 9, 2007
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Sirius Black
Age-Mid 30's
Personality- A gruff man who hardly says anything nice to anyone he always looks at everyone with peircing looks. He is very skilled at dueling.

History-Grew up in the famous black family who were the purest of wizards. Pure blood no human in them. Sirius ran away from home when he was around 15 to live with his best friend James Potter. He went to the finest school of Wizarding in the world, Hogworts school of witchcraft and wizardry. He was in griffindor house. He was arrested for the murder of many people for a crime he didn't commit. He lives in a disappearing magical house that was made by wisards.

Appearence-Sirius is a gruff looking man not clean shaven but his beared isn't long either. It is always stubbly. He wears ratty cloaks and has the look of a killer. He keeps a wand on his person at all times. He also carrys a cloak that will turn him invisable.

Powers- Sirius is an Animagius meaning he can turn into one animal. A big dog that looks like a black bear. Very big and very strong. He uses this power to get out of tight situations. He is unregistered so he gets away without people knowing.
He can also use magic. With his wand he can perform charms, hexes, curses, transformation and many other things witch we be revieled in an RP.