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    Early Marriages

    Do you guys think its bad when two people decide they want to get married right after high school or just being engaged at an early age?
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    Dark Legion

    Ok this is an RP where a legion of dark creatures takes over the planet and need to be stopped. It’s basically a story for all you can be alone, meet up, and fight whoever you want. Also you can’t start anywhere on the Earth but most of the planet is destroyed so it could be like a ruined city...
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    I'm back

    Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that i've been gone for two days and my stupid little brother has been using my profile so anything that has happened or said in the last two days was not me. Alright so can anyone update me to what has happened if anything did also my little brother will...
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    Trivium-The Crusade

    It came out today and i just bought it and it is awesome so go buy it! Also i made this thread to see if anyone likes them and if you don't the DON'T POST HERE!!! Ok thx.
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    Songs you can play

    Its for any insturment like i play some stuff on the drums, a little bass, but mostly guitar. Here is some stuff i can play on guitar: Children of Bodom: Living Dead Beat Kissing the Shadows Follow the Reaper Bodom After Midnight No Commands Needle 24/7 Blackwidow In Your Face Trivium: Rain...
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    Children of Bodom

    This thread is about an awesome band from Finland and we can talk about them here tour dates how good they are what songs we like or talk about other metal bands. So whats your guy's favorite song i like follow the reaper and in your face. ALSO IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM OR THIS TYPE OF MUSIC DO NOT...
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    The World of darkness

    In this RP you can be whoever you want made up or an already exsisting character. This is an RP about being sucked into the world of darkness to face a great evil. Were we start is the point where you are first sucked into the world od darkness. You can be good or evil. Sorry if this isn't that...
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    .Hack G.U. News

    I was just looking up .hack//G.U. and there was a page with Haseo the main characters VA and its Yuri Lowenthal the VA for Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto thats freakin awesome and if you find anything else post it here.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist the movie

    has anyone seen it? I bought it yesterday it was awesome but i didn't really like the end.
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    Hi guys

    I am in colorado right now so i won't be on til the end of this month cause my aunt has no internet so ttyl everyone.=D
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    Create a new move

    Its simple just create a new move or a special move and it can be whatever you want. GigaBlade
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    Random Band Thread

    Its easy just name any band you know or like i'll start. Children Of Bodom
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    .Hack games

    Who else likes these games i think they are awesome.
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    Random Game thread

    Just say a game name. Kingdom Hearts 2
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    Random Character Thread

    Its easy just say a character from any game, tv show, anime, or whatever you want you can use the same name twice if you can't think of anything else. Ok lets start. Sora