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  • That's the good thing about pc games and steam. I picked up portal 2 a while back for 10$, good deal.
    Well you can always run the PC section of the website :D I still haven't gotten Portal 2 yet.. but I can't wait to play it. Just waiting for a price drop LOL
    I have an account but i don't have an xbox, nor the connection to really play games on : ( I used to have one, but then i got into pc gaming and my xbox died.
    BTW do you have xbox live yet? LOL I think I added you months back and still haven't seen you on. So i'm guessing you don't go online or got into PC gaming ?
    Well look at that, someone DID remember my birthday. Absence is explained in the blog.
    Good luck on your midterms buddy. I know finals are starting here in a few weeks!
    LOL ya home sweet home igloo's! protects me from the bears and flying squirrels!!
    hahaha yes, boss, coffee is ready, how many sugars?? that's what I'm here for, I've been taking care of all the work <.< lol. we really missed you here =).
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