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    The Zerg are here!

    recently blizzard has released pics of banelings, zerglings, and the overlord in action. Although we have already seen the first two and knew the second was probably gonna come out, these recent pics may be a sign that blizzard is about to release some info on our anxiously awaited aliens. Keep...
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    A mathematical guess on the release of SC2

    starcraft 2 was announced 6 months ago from now. In that time I'm guessing that they've introduced half of the protoss units, half of the terran units, and practically no buildings. That's around 1/6 of unit/building database complete. So it would take....36 months, theoretically, for the...
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    The Firebat Returns!

    Its not official yet, but today a new picture was realeased featuring the firebat. It is back in running! PLEASE BLIZZARD DONT CUT HIM AGAIN! Check out this picture The resolution could be better, but the firebat simply looks beautiful. it reminds me of the...
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    The Observer

    Almost completely unexpected, with only the prior video in the dark templar page revealing its exsistence, the observer looks virtually unchanged from its predecessor. It's nice to see that the protoss didn't lose this valuable unit.
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    The Sensor tower

    Is out. Check it out. Apparently it's some early warning system, it looks fairly useful but also maybe kinda expensive. I guess this is the end of sneak attacks on terrans? And i wonder if it can spot stealthed or burrowed units... Also, it seems that building a sensor tower in your base lets...
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    Something I found...from Oct 8 enjoy.
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    Big News, should read

    ok, so you know how aside from the matriach, all protoss characters so far have been male? Well, i was just browsing the site, when i came across this: called 'Selendis'...and she looks pretty female. cool eh? i guess the protoss are finally gonna get some...
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    The carrier is out^.^
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    The Battlecruiser

    the battlecruisers out, check it up on the official site. it has what has been seen already on screenies, the yamato and torpedo stuff. not much's been changed aside from that it seems.
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    The Reaper vs The Firebat

    The reaper is slated to replace the firebat. A lot of people have disagreements over the whole damn thing. A comparison of the two: The firebat was the only Terran melee in sc1 (with the exception of SCV's, but how dumb would that be?) It is armed with a flamethrower, which is a well accepted...
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    the mothership is out, and it looks to be about the most beautiful thing i've seen on sc2. great job blizzard! although its abilities were, for unknown reasons, unstated, it seems that it still has the time bomb and planet cracker and also has a field cloak ability. guess this is the final...
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    Thor and Banshee

    Thor is out, check it up on the sc2 site. so far it seems to be nothing more than a bigger siege if thats what thor does whats the point of having siege tanks? I admit that its attack animation looks fairly cool(although i've seen better) but all the same it seems fairly pointless...
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    Little things I've garnered from the sc2 site

    None of this can be confirmed, but it is still interesting to look at: On picture 43 of 44 in the screenshots section, you can clearly see gold-colored minerals, which I believe are a richer source of mineral (like gems in red alert compared to ore). You can also see what appears to be a radar...
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    Dark Templar

    The dark templar has been announced on the website, in case anyone hadnt checked it up yet. personally i think it looks pretty cool, though the flashy stuff it has on its armour detract from the fact that it's meant to be an assasin sort of character. the cloaking was pretty cool though, an...
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    dday air drop

    get 3 drop ships, and 24 marines or firebats or a mix. this shouldnt cost too much if you are at midgame. def matrix the drop ships. drop the marines on the harvesters, kill everything, get back on, get a boost of def matrix and repair, go to the next expansion. grin as your opponent resigns...