Forum Rules And Regulations

The following rules apply to the forums.

1. No spamming: Means no one-word posts, no double-posting, and no going off-topic in threads. One-word posts are legal in some areas of the 7th Heaven forum and Quiz Corner however, everywhere else it's prohibited. Double-posting will sometimes be allowed to slide, but if it's say 5 minutes after you just posted before, then it's prohibited.

2. No flaming or trolling: Means no directly going at someone and trying to provoke fights or saying racist, hurtful things. Flaming is basically going at someone directly, while trolling is saying things to instigate a fight. Both are not tolerated here whatsoever.

3. No advertising: Means no promoting other websites of ANY kind. You're allowed to have a link in your profile where it says 'homepage' other then that if it's in your sig, you advertise in a thread or anything, it will immediately be deleted. Also no advertising through PM either, that is the worst and lowest form of advertising there is, so don't do it.

4. Avatar & Sig limits: Avatar max limits are 125x125 in pixels. Animated avatars are allowed. Sig limits are 500x150. Any animation in banners/signatures are strictly prohibited, unless you enclose them in a spoiler tag.

5. Consequences: -Spamming: If you are caught spamming, meaning one-word posting, double-posting, going off-topic, then likely your post is just gonna be deleted by a staff member, if this occurs more then a couple times, a staff member will likely quote you and point out to you to stop. If it keeps occuring, then temporary suspensions of a day or 2 may be necessary.

-Flaming: If you are caught flaming, trolling in any way, your post again will be deleted the first time. Just the first time, if you are caught again you will be told to stop by a staff member, if it keeps happening, you will be suspended. Since this is more serious then spamming, it will be a longer suspension likely of a week or so.

-Advertising: If you are caught advertising, you're post or thread for advertisement gets deleted, simple as that. If you do it more then once you get told to stop again, but if you keep doing it we may have to suspend for a day or 2 to teach you that it's not allowed. However, if you are caught advertising through PMs, the consequences are more severe. First time you get warned to stop, second time automatic 2 day suspension, any other time after that you're gone forever. Just keep that in mind.

-Avatar & Sig: If you put on a bad sig or oversized, no big deal really. A staff member will just edit your sig saying to remove it within X amount of hours and that it's too big or whatever. Or if your sig is too big, we may just put some of your things in a spoiler code, so it isn't lagging for other users.