Dreaziel Lavi Deathfox


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Feb 5, 2007
Name: Dreaziel Lavi Deathfox
Age: 17
Apperance: White hair shoulder lenght,Red and Black eyes,Black Leather Trench Coat,Black T-Shirt with saying " I put the Laughter in Slaughter.", Black bondge pants with orange stitching,Combat boots.
Weapons:Bow,Arrows,Tenza Zangetsu,Bo staff,Shuriken,Kunai,Chains.
Bio: Dreaziel was born in a wealthy family. At age 8, he learned he was adopted and his real name was Deathfox. He went on a rampage and killed his adopted family. For 8 years he went looking for his real family. He found them and they were dead. But the unexpected happned he saw his sister, Hikari Deathfox ,crying at an unmarked grave. That unmarked grave was his.When he saw his sister cried. He walked over to say hello. She asked him his name and said Dreaziel . She jumped up and hugged him. She then asked him to join her in the family busness of Assassination. For a year he trained an became a feared assassin.
Abilites:The powers of a Dragon,Kyubi,Soul Reaper,Ghost Rider.
Personality:Insane,Psychotic,Mental Disturbed,Intelligent
Themes: Land of Canfusion-Disturbed,Coming Undone-Korn,Famous Last Words-My Chemical Romance
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