Furry Sisters


New member

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Furry Type: Mix

Weapon(s): Her fist and electricty

Discription: As a Furry she has two forms, human and Furry.

-Human: Green eyes, light purple freackles, Long lose drak purple hair, black spike chianed colour around neck, wears tight black T-shirt, long baggy dark green jeans, wears no shose (like to be bear feet), in plams are pink rubbery curcils that can shoot out electricity, long light purple fox-like tail and long floppy light purple ribbit-like ears and on the right ears is a white spot.

-Furry: Same eyes, ears, colour, hair, colthes, hands and tail. Skin becomes purple and furry, pink rabbit like nose and Furries seal is visable on the chest.


Age: 17(looks 12)

Gender: Female

Furry Type: Foxxy

Weapon(s): Poe Straw(Able to do magic and shoot out diffrent bubbles that effect the eneimies in diffrent ways)


-Human: Pink eyes, short light blue hair, wears hair back with orange head band, three scraches on cheeck, orange spike chained colour around neck, orange short dress that has a white cirucle in the middles (dress cover the whole body), Wears very short orange pants under dress, wear black knee high boots and black eldow high gloves, also have fox ears and tail.

-Furry: Same eyes, hair, tail, colthes, ears and tail. Skin becomes oragen and furry, scraches on cheeck change to black trangles and nose become pink and fox-like, Furry Seal can be visable on right arm.


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Furry Type: Rabite

Weapon(s): Magic


-Human: Light blue eyes, long light orange hair that is tied up in to pig tails, red cuircals on cheecks, wears white spaitti srap shirt and light blue mini skirt with white shorts undernith, knee high light blue boots with a white digin on bottom, long floppy white rabbit ears and white fluffy ribbit tail.

-Furry: Same eyes, hair, colour, colthes, ears and tail. Skin becomes white and furry, curicals on cheecks become pink, nose become pink and ribbit like, Furry Seal is visable on left leg.