PS3 How many trophies have you won so far?


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Jan 12, 2006
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Share your success with us! :D

none :p I was gonna add a way so we can have ps3 users enter their tag name and show their trophies so far :D

i don't have a PS3 but I have like almost 30,000 gamer points on my Xbox 360, lol

what can you do with gamer points?

btw, I think we have a way for 360 users, to add their gamertag here on GP :D

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Gamerpoints are pretty much the same thing as Trophies, only on 360 they're called Achievements and with each Achievement you get a certain number of Gamerpoints, so they're basically just a way of giving you a general idea of how many achievements someone has. Most achievements are around 10-50 gamerpoints each, though it really depends on what you have to do to get the achievement.