Immortality was only the begining (Vampires V.s Werewolves) Registration


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May 17, 2006
under the moon and stars
Rank: ( Assasin, Gaurd Etc)
Race: (any Race)
Kin: Who Is Your Family, (Whatever Race You Are Its Your Last Name) (You Dont Have To Have Kin)

And So On And So Forth, Enter Your Character Here, And Play With Us.
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Jul 9, 2007
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Name: Cruentus Yashina (Latin for Bloodthirty Killer)
Age: 891
Rank: Elvistivne Assassin
Appearance: LOOK AT DP
Personality: Cruentus is usually a calm minded person. He thinks things through before he does them. Although, he is very short tempered. If someone crosses him or makes him mad, he might just go on a killing spree.
Race: Elvestivne Vampire
weapon: He uses 2 long sabers made of silver stapped around his waist by a belt with 2 sheaths. Also he carries arround a six-shooter that holds 6 silver bullets. He carries a box of 60 extra silver bullets.
History: Cruentus' family was murdered when he was young. He witnessed it. His long life dream is to find the man that murdered his parents and kill him. When he grew up he vowed to be an assassin because he thought it would help him acheive his goal. So far no one he hunts survives. An odd thing about him is he tortures his prey before he kills them. He tortures them for information on anything they might now about the man who killed his parents. To this day Cruentus has never found any information. That will change soon.
Magic: Cruentus can controll the power of the moon and stars. He can make the moon burn his enemy's skin and the stars shoot from the sky as blades against his enemy. One other thing he can do is, he can make a layer of something that looks like wax, form over his body to protect him from the sunlight. This is very energy consumeing and cannot use it for very long.
Kin: As earlier stated, his family is dead.
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Jan 24, 2006
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Name: Tyleya Vendega

Age: Unkown

Rank: Heiress to a House Apprentice Elder

Appearance: Hair-Brown
Eyes-Green/Bright Green at the sight of blood
Skin Color-Medium Brown
Body Type-Thick i.e. not fat, not skinny, in the middle and nicely proportioned

Personality: Kind-hearted, a rarity among Vampires. But ready to kill if necessary.

Race: Vampire Heiress- About to be Leader of a House and an Elder Vampire
weapon: A Long Katana with a siver blade. Chinese Red Army Bayonet, silver blade.

History: Heir to the Vendega Clan, after her father dies. Her mother was raped and killed by a werewolf. From a young age she was learn the ways of the Vampire.

Magic: Gravity Defiance, Electrical and Metallic Munipulation

Kin: Vendega Clan


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May 30, 2008
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Name: Nyte
Age: 600+
Rank: Elite Warrior
Appearance: Dark skin, brown eyes, 5'9, 163lbs.
Personality: Demonic personality. Quiet sometimes and cold hearted.
Race: Omega Vampire
Weapon: Samurai Blade.Tokijin, the Sword of Legend made by his clan.
History: Very little is know about Nyte, he mostly keeps to himself.
Magic: Darkness and Fire
Kin: He killed them all at the age of 9. He is the last of his clan; the Heijin. This clan is said to be descendants of the anticent Tangu.


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Jul 26, 2007
Name: Lio Hanabusa
Age: Unknown is young for his Race
Rank: Butler [In training]
Appearance: on my table? by =Lavender-Ice on deviantART
Personality: Due to his young age, he can be hyperactive and a bit naive. Despite this he puts his heart into his training and studies, spending hours at a time reading a new manual he has found.
Race: Neko
Weapon: A pair of razor-sharp wires, which he controls like an extension of his own body. These wires are shown to be able to cut through steel itself with great ease. [Ex. ]
History: Lio is the current heir of a long line of butlers of the Niwa family, acting as a sort of bodyguards. They have sworn to protect the Niwas with their life after being helped by one of the ancestors of the Kin. Due to his father giving his life to save Aaura Lio has been thrust into the role of his forefathers, before his training has been able to be completed. Despite this, he does not blame Aaura and treats her as one of his closest companions and friends.
Magic: Lightning
Kin: All have passed away