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It all started on the first full moon on the 6th month, it was a hot Friday night, and a group of kids wondered around in the all Hallwhine Estate. There they found a secret passage way; they found something big that night that changed there lives forever. They found the tome of a vampire.
Most of the kids of the group where unsure if it was truly a vampire, but one of the kids, she knew it was a vampire, something in her blood just made her sure. One of the mischief’s found something in the tome; it was a strange and old book. The Kids flipped though the pages and found something odd, the foolish child read the odd page out loud.

Those who shall read this page
Let ye know that your blood be curse forever more
Be ye Beast Vamp, Pure blood or half breed, ye be vamp now
Now and Forever
Let the sun weaken you
And become monsters at the sight and smell of blood
Know this now foolish reader
Ye be vamp now!

With those words said the book faded away into nothing but dust, the children all had a good laugh at this. They all thought it was nothing but a mere joke. But that one child that seems to since something, she felt off almost sick. The rest of the kids soon began to fell this too. They all headed home thinking it was just sleep catching up to them. The next day they were surprise to notice the sun made them felt tired and that they had strange powers. They all met and school and confirmed, they all been changed into vampires. They all promise a blood vow to keep this hidden from everyone.

Its been a year since that curse been placed on all of them, they were all in high school; freshmen. There they formed a tight clique and formed a club were they can meet. The club starts after dark and in this club they do research to find out how to break the curse. But in the darkness while the children look for there freedom, an Organization knowing as Bloody 13 are screeching for these kids for there own dark purpose.


-Beast Vampires: They are known for their characteristic to have ears or tails of some kind of beast, fox, wolf, cat, etc. But it’s rare to find a Beast Vampire with both Ears and tail. Beast Vampires are known for their insane strength and reflexes. But all this can be stopped if they are out in the sunlight. Beast Vampires have the ability to hide there animal ears and/or tail, some times being out in the sun too much can weaken them too much and there ear and/or tail can be exposed. They hunt pray just like the beast they are, they cannot entrance there pray, those bitten by a beast vamp become the animal the beast vampire is.

-Pure Blood: These are vampires that became Vampires by birth, no spells, no curses, no bitten. They are just born as vampires. They have the power to entrance there pray and have their meal. If they bite a human, that human will become a vampire no matter what. Most Purebloods are of high class or wealthy. If they are out in the sun too long, blood lust starts to take over them.

-Half Breed: They are humans bitten by Purebloods; they have all the ability of a Pureblood, but just not as strong. But they are known to be the only ones that can stay out in the sun and not be harmed too badly by the sun’s light. They do have a weakness and that’s there heart.

-All vampires, be they beast, Pureblood or Half breed, have power over an Element and have one high physical attribute.



-No God Mode
-No Power Play
-No controlling others, unless u gets the okay from the person. And if in that case, PM me and tell me about it.
-OOCing can be but up to three post, anymore than that? Take it to the PMs please
-Romance is allowed but only Kissing and Holding hands, no MA or R stuff
-You can control up to two characters


Name (Full name)
Race (Pure, Beast, Half)
Speacail Traits: (U can have only ONE)
Extra info (optional)
Likes and Dislikes (Optional)

My characters

Name: Vesah Jaden III

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Apprance: Bilder/chara_liru_visual.jpg

Race: Beast Vampire

Element: Ice

Physical High: Her Strength, she is able to lift almost 1 ton


Seeing Stars: A punches or kicks so hard it’ll have u seeing stars

Icy Bite: A bite that chills your blood

Raging Beast: It when an icy cold wind protects her from harm and she allows her beastly Blood lust to take over.

Ice Protection: No matter what, ice well come to protect her.

Shatter!: A punch or kick that can brake bones

Icy Heart: She lets out a roar that freezes anything in its path, she froze an entire forest with this move before.

Lovely Kisses: A kiss that makes the enemy feel drunk.

Bio: She’s from a very high-class family; she has always felt a strong connection to vampires. When she was changed into a beast vampire, her mother and father told her the truth about her family. They are descendants of Purebloods, but the vampire blood through out the 100s of generations had been sleep, until now, The curse has awaken the vampire blood in her. This would explain why everyone of her family has sharp K-9s. Verah doesn’t mind the curse, she just hate the fact that she drinks blood. She refuses to drink the blood of humans, she always go for tomatoes or animal blood. But her lust for human blood has been steadily growing, in its own slow pace. She hopes she can find a cure before its too late. She is the third girl of her family to take on her 100times Great Grandmother’s name. Rumor in the family says that the 100 times grandmother is a pure blood.

Extra Info: Either way, sun or no sun she’s always tries to be hyper. But when she is hugged by someone from the opposite Gender than her, her ears and tails comes out. By the way, she a Beast Vampire with both ears and tail.

-Video Games

-Boring things
-Her friends being in pain

Name: Ruby Jaden

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Apprance: Girls/1161467178388.jpg

Race: Pure Blood

Element: Fire

Physical High: Her IQ is really high


-Look of Hate: Just by looking at you, your blood boils; liturly.

-Fiery Blossom: An explosion of fire erupts around her.

-Fire Arrows: arrows of pure fire is flung at enemies

-Lovely Nip: A bite that makes you fall head over heels for her

-Speed: She moves so fast, she leaves flames in her wake

-Red Eyes: If you look too long into her eyes, she can put you under her control.

Bio: She is the little sister of Verah, she truly hate her older sister with a passion. She always locks her self away from the family. She was most likely the only on out of the family that was a vampire, until Verah got curse. She hates her sister even more because of that. She is part of Bloody 13, her Organization name is Rose of Fire.

Extra info: She fights with her sister a lot, weather is physical or just with words

-Seeing her sister in pain

-Her sister
- And the fact that her and her sister chare the same blood.
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May 22, 2006
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-Name: Diomondes Cruzentul (dio for short)
-Gender: Male
-Age: 17

-Race: Half blood
-Element: Lightning
-Physical High: he has high energy, so he can use his elemental powers much more often
-- Luminare: and explosion of electrical energy that can paralize, and sometimes even kill
-- Jump Booster: Dio focuses all his energy into his feet, then releases it, shooting himself 10-25 feet into the air
-- Shock Arrow: a blast of electrical energy shoots out of Dio's fingertips. He can then controll it's direction until it hits it's target.

Bio: Dio was born in Romania, where the legend of the vampires rule all. He had always belived these legends as fakes, however had a bit of hope that they could be in the back of his mind. He moved from Romania at the age of 14, and found a group of friends in his freshmen year. He now knows that Vampires are real...

Extra info: has a strong romanian accent, however can speak english very well


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Jul 26, 2007
Name: Lio [Last name unknown]
Gender: Male
Age: 17 [Presumed]
Race: Beast
Element: Darkness
Special Traits: He has a faster speed limit then most Beasts, causing him to earn the nickname of 'Furried Thunder'
Sickle Death: A scythe engraved with unknown letters, forged and kept stable by focusing his elemental powers into the blade.
Shadowman: A tech allows Lio's shadow to attack his enemy, almost like a puppet as Lio controls its every move, also able to be used on friend and foe alike.
Negzero: A tech that paralyzes the target, causing temporary blindness
Lion's Fury: Darkness engulfs Lio as he rushes at his foe, becoming nothing more then a mindless beast. This increases his magical and psychical strength plus his speed by tenfold.
Bio: Lio was born into this world without any memories at the age of 12, wandering into the town he was soon taken in by the mayor who took pity on the poor broken soul. Most of his past is a mystery, only known by short flash backs. Most of the adults stay away from him as they fear him, not knowing what he truly is. On the night that the children went in, his sleeping Vampieric powers were awakened with the night moon. Other then that, he seems to have a rather bizzare and carefree personality.
Extra info: He seems to have a weakness for moving objects such as cat teasers, becoming restless when he is unable to play with it.
Likes: Playing with Vesah's tail and ears, milk and cream, riding on Veseah's back [Even if she doesn't let him], sweets
Dislikes: Rabbits, heights, and salt

Name: Leo Hanabusa
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Pure
Element: Ice
Physical High: Seems to have an high IQ, able to keep up with Ruby in a game of chess
Crevice: Skill that creates a giant crevice beneath targets and plunges them through its endless depths.
Iced Earth: used to fire shards of ice at the enemy. It also has several other uses, such as creating an icicle around the user's arm to use as a sword.
Ice Spikes: A tech which creates several streams of giant icicles along the ground. It can also be used to make a sort of bear trap out of two spiked walls.
Lion's Barrage: Similar to Lion's rage for an unknown reason, instead covering Leo's body with a icy blue flame.
Bio: Not much is known about Leo, except he is the mysterious figure who appears before Lio from time to time. It seems that he is part of Bloody 13, earning the title of 'Ice Assassin'
Extra info: He seems to have a dislike for Lio and those who travel with him, causing a person Vendetta against the two. He refuses to let anyone else go after Lio, wanting to take him out himself.
Likes: Meat, alone time with himself, messing/playing chess with Ruby
Dislikes: Lio, cats, Lio, felines, and did I mention Lio?
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