Neo Amon

God of Rage
Feb 12, 2007
In your soul
Here my Tale of Avlear character.

Name: Dracus D. Dric

Codename: Dark Dragon Knight

Class: Sword Master

Age: Unknown

Powers: Fire Demon Form- Shots fireballs and summons wall of fire.
Lightning Devil Form- Flies while shooting orbs of energy and spinning very quickly.
Master Form- Unknown.


Bio: Dracus was highest ranked general in Dark Dragon Empire when dark god Mundus tried to destroy human world. Dracus seeing this as end of all life went AWOL and destroyed Dark Dragon Empire and sealed Mundus in different deminision. But Mundus got last laugh he already sent 10 of his top men to human world so now Dracus is on joruney to kill all his men and bring balance. Dracus now helps all the Heroes and has no really reason but to have allies to help with his Journey. He carries with him 2 powerful weapons Gauntlets of Ifrit and Sword of Alastor which allow him to change form.