New Features


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Jan 12, 2006
Outworld, Canada
We have tons of new features here at GP now.

The biggest one is being able to LIKE or FAIL someone's post.

If you think someone has made a great post or you agree.. well you can like it. Or Fail it if you disagree or think it's spam...

Take care to mind we don't want people abusing the like or fail buttons. If we find you spamming someone or trolling a certain member. You will not be allowed to use the feature anymore.

Our other two new features are the use of MOODS and STATUS

In your profile page such as GaMeRz-pLAcE.nEt
You can change your mood and status with the click of the pencil button on each of the boxes. Or you can edit your status and mood ANYTIME when viewing your posts using the same pencil buttons.

For those that have Twitter

You can now display your twitter statues in your profile. You will need to edit and add your twitter account in your usercp ->

Now you can also add your xbox live profile to the forums and our GP Live Leaderboard

You will need to edit and add your xbox live gamer tag in your user cp ->

And then can check out how you rank on the forum with other members here -> (also can be clicked at the top head that says GP Live)

There are more features, but I will add them in another post in a short while.

Have fun! ;)