Role Playing Rules (MUST READ-Updated)

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Jan 24, 2006
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Ok, here are some basic rules of Role-Playing. Please makes sure you follow these rules and understand them, so that when you Role-Play you do not break them.

1. No Power-playing(PP) or Godmoding(GM).

a. Power-playing - Controlling another person's character without permission.

b. Godmoding - Having your character be invicible, not take a hit, and play a God, really.

2. For Out of Character please use "[]" "()" or "OOC:"

3. If you are going to kill another person's character, please ask him/her if it is ok to kill their character. Ask Permission.

4. Use proper grammer, puntuation, and spelling during the rp.

5. You may join more than one Rp, but please stay active with each of them.

6. Any Rp that has not been active for more then two months will be closed and sent to the farplane, unless there is a good reason for it like one person was gone or something.

7. Dont spam.

8. If you do see spam report the post by using the ! on the bottom right of the post that you wish to report.

9. Two many RP's on the same subject is spamming. Be original please. To many, Vampire, Naruto, or whatever RP's is spamming. But if you have any questions PM me.

10. Have fun and enjoy.

11. Please make a registration thread in the Registration forum so that the RP section can stay nice and neat and ppl can't get confused in RP because of newcomers.

Any updates in the rules will be posted here by your Moderater. Check frequently because rules can be updated or changed. I will be cleaning up every two months the first cleaning starting on 07/14/08.

Your friendly neighborhood moderator- Daesy

Note: This thread was made by Heavenly Damnation, updated by Jing, and re-updated by Daesy.

Any question, comments, or points of view, PM Daesy

Thanks Remember, have fun and enjoy.
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