Sacred Memory


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May 17, 2006
under the moon and stars
So this is an rpg where you find your other half, like a soul mate.
you make your character, and you all know how to do it.

"I'm Aaura, I died at the age of 18 and i am looking for aubery my lost love. there are no chances that i will find him and im not entirely sure he is my other half. I was reborn into a human... and still have my memories. Aaura made vampire by kahn (caw-nh) he then made is son aubery. im not even sure im looking for him anymore. you see my humans name Alison means sacred memory. she is the most innocent person i know, she's an angel with black wings. as mine would be red. my sire says ever somone changed a human with a vampire soul, there angels would decend. whatever that means. and its already too late for alison ( friends call her aly) a man by the name of syte has his vampiric eye on her and there is nothing i can do out of her body to stop him."
So begins our story of angelic vampires.