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Quite possibly the most fun i have had in my entire life, has taken place during this game. I love the silly atmosphere, mixed in with great gameplay. I know there are xbox and ps3 versions of this game too, but i really play it mostly on PC. I have only played for maybe 250 hours total in my entire game history, but it has been the best 250 hours of my life. Now i'm not stupid, and i know that a couple of you out there probably play as well, as the community is huge. So this is a "I love tf2" thread for all of those out there who do, myself included. I know that some people complain about the hats (myself included on occasion). But after all is said and done, i realize it's a game and that it's suppose to be fun.

SO, who else out there plays tf2 and loves it? What things do you like and dislike? what items do you have, what class do you play, what is your favorite game mode and map? Have some awesome stories to tell? Feel free to tell them! Anything tf2 related, goes here.

For those of you who don't know what tf2 is, this is a good introduction:

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Jan 12, 2006
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Good old days.. I remember playing the 1st one. It was a lot of fun!

I kinda feel like the Valve games have died down or at least have for me. I mean CounterStrike was soooo huge at it's time. And I think games like CoD and MOH really took that away.

But for PC I think Valve is still pushing out good games. TF2 looks good, and I wonder when Halflife 3 will be out :p