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    Recreation: Shattered Pieces of The Seal

    [~Recreation: Shattered Pieces of The Seal~] Long ago when the universe was still young there existed an angel that watched over it. Whenever there was a disturbance in the universe the angel would recreate it the way it saw fit and changed all of its inhabitants and life along with it and...
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    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    I didn't really see a thread for this topic and since it's of nintendo brand, I figured I would post it in this section. For those of you that have it, thats awesome. Personally I've only gotten it recently xD. Its for basic discussion, exchange of FC's (friend code's), basic battling, and...
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    Another Char from Yon by Yon

    Name: Oduka Umfundisi ~ Black Man of Respect [It's zimbawe...i doubt you knew <_<] True Name: Aizokilo Byaphord ~ Figure of Unrivaled Prowess Age: Has existed since the time he oversaw the people of the continent of darkened skinned associates. It's assumed that he ages on hundred times...
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    Seisoku Sosh!te Shura Academy: Shinobi 101

    Seisoku Sosh!te Shura Academy: Shinobi 101 Living and Fighting Academy: Shinobi 101 [KenT and Gaara-sama Production] Dear Shinobi/Kunoichi, It has come to our attention that you have been displaying signs of talent through your exploit. To help advance these skills even further, we offer you...
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    MANLY! RAWR!!! [Some idea for a rant]

    You know how it is we can't generally express ourselves being that we have some things with our gender not always expressed to their extent lol. It's a rant for the guys in this case, I did something similar like this on KHI once, not exactly a game but expression. RAWR!!! The gist of it is...
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    Don't make me laugh. 3v1 Brawl

    Im bored obviously, the only person around here that was tough to fight happened to be both Stryfe and Daraku. Everybody else either stopped, or wussed out XD. I'm not going to make any overconfident statement, but basically, I need some practice. I'll fight three people at one time if your...
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    75% Eh, i get bored so i started to get back into my animation habit xD. The sasuke i editted to give him that outfit, =/ my spriting has seriously gotten better.
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    Academy For The Gifted

    Academy For The Gifted Dear Students and Applicants, Welcome to the Academy For The Gifted, it is in this establishment that your abnormal teens with unusual abilites are gathered and taught how to perfect their un natural abilities and mold them into something great. Breaking the mold, their...
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    Name One Idiotic Thing You've Done

    ^Just as the title states, there have been at least of number of occasions when we've all done something idiotic, some more than others <_<. Like this one time I tried to jump a fence in one shot (trust me, i can really jump high) and i missed the bar by just a little bit and fell on the bar...
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    Sky Arc GT Tourney: GT1 Preliminaries

    In the year 3049 the advancements of technology have become dominant. The capital city of GT Machina, is the center of all the rising advancements. Making the convience of life becoming an effortless task. One of the more popular items being the Ultim gear that the younger generation uses for...
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    The Dawn of Kindgome Hearts

    The Dawn of Kingdom Hearts In ancient times the world existed into three realms. The realm of light, the realm of dark, and the realm of twilgiht. These were the only worlds in existence and the door that tied them all together was kingdom hearts. Within each realm lay a special keylike...
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    Mirage Animations

    ^Latest^ Thats right, Afroman is making Animations. My sig making has ceased so yeah >_>. Members: Currently 1 xD iProd (owner) Template: Animation Size: Default is 400x150 Sprites: Background: Default is white Actions: Name in Ani: [Y] [N] Template: Avi Size: 100x100 Sprites: Actions...
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    Shoutbox Quote Archive

    Well we all know the shoutbox quote archive normally gets cleared once a week so we can't go back and find something funny someone may have said. So this is a way to immortalize the moments on GP's SB =D!! READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP!!
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    Life in Radiant Garden

    Story: After much repairs after previous attacks from the heartless, Radiant Garden is becoming more and more beautiful everyday. The Local heartless make it difficult to repair such a wonderful place. Much to the dismay, nobodies as well endanger lives of the civilians. Along with the help...
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    How Gay are you?

    use this gay-o-meter You don't have to take the test if you don't want to. .__. i got 30% Loosen up straight mate! These days women like a man with some softer edges to grab ontoE.