Avatar: The Coming of Half Breeds

Long ago, the four nations went through a terrible and strenous war. It had been going on for the last 100 years. The avatar disappeared, but soon returned within the 100 years. He strived to master the elements and he eventually succeeded. Meeting countless allies and saving lives he grew attached to the physical world making his true power hard to obtain. The conquerer of the fire nation, Firelord Ozai grew more powerful as the comment destined to fall finally came to strengthen is power. The avatar, having mastering the elements before the summer, took on the power amplifed fire lord and became locked in intense combat. As the battle surged on for days, the avatar triumped. He soon settled the war once and for all, leaving the nations to rebuild and begin a new era.

From there, the 4 nations began to rebuild their civilizations little by little. Due to the avatar's feeling for a water bender over the years, a new child was concieved. This newborn possessed the powers of an airbender and a water bender, thus creating the first half breed bender. With this shocking discovery, the 4 nations became more in touch with one another, even the fallen fire nation. The young Prince Zuko rose to reshape the Fire nation and rebuild its sorry state into something great. Their was finally true peace as the nations began to spread, and share their interest and cultures.

Many years later, the avatar was reincarnated over 3 generations and became born of the fire nation. At this time, half breeds of new benders gifted with two elements rose from the shadows and became known. Fate have it, the avater residing in the fire nation was none too happy about those being gifted with more than their natural element. He strived to master all the elements and sought to eliminate the traitorous benders. Filled with hate, he was blinded from his destiny to protect and bring peace to the four nations. Now the benders being in danger from an attack from the destructive avatar were slowly perfecting their twin element gifts from the parents that concieved them.


1. Absolutley no godmodding or powerplaying
2. Limit short post
3. Post "Water, Earth, Fire, Air" atop your template
4. Try to get in atleast one paragraph (thats 5 sentences ppl xD)
5. Have fun
6. There will be 6 possible combination of bender, 2 for each spot!


Status: (Air nomad, earth merchant, water tribe warrior etc.)
Nation: (Air, Earth, Wind, Fire)

Fire-Water: Proddy, IBeatSephiroth
Fire-Earth: ___, ___
Fire-Air: ___, ___
Earth-Water: RPGirl, ___
Earth-Air: Rf-kun, ___
Water-Air: ___,___
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Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Name: Rover Hydro
Status: Water Nomaid
Nation: Water
Personality: She the type to relax and relax good, when she wants to she can be a hand fool with her sort attention spain, but thanks to Voxxy she'll get back on track.
Element: Earth-Water
QuickSand- Trap the enemy in a sticky sand like gop, the more they strugle the quick they will go to ther doom
Watery Grave- Orbs of water that are filled with toxic poisons
Cherry Bloosome Blizzard- A cloud of ice and flower petales that blinds all the sences worser when you have a sixth sence(still working on this move)
Dimond Storm- Ice sards as hard as Dimonds cut though the ememies.
Bio:Was rased in a water tribe in the northpole, is an ophean, she set out on her own exploring the the vast world with Voxxy her life time friend and compaion. Voxxy is a huge white fox that is able to fly with the water in the air. So she can't fly when she's in the destert.
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"Water, Earth, Fire, Air" <--Remember to post this guys ^^"

Name: Rion Azuka

Age: 16

Appearance: He is about 5'10 and has averagely long black hair like his mother. He keeps it tied back, b/c its a dress code requirement for the firebenders. His eyes are both resinating with a half blue half hazel glare giving him the mark of a true half breed. He wears the usual fire nation attire during the day, but his mother crafted him clothing from the northern water tribe.

Personality: Pretty aggressive for the side of him that his firebender and the otherside is cool calm and collected. He offers many things to a two sided coin, often a bit hard to control but he never goes overboard unless he has too. He is the a rarity to see a fire-water bender in the fire nation.

Gender: Male

Status: Rogue Firebender

Nation: Fire

Element: Fire-Water


Fire Whip- one of the advanced moves he is still pefecting. Project fire at a sustained rate and spread it over the area depending on how far he wishes. All he needs is air to make it work.

Lightning Blast: He is one of the gifted few who can pass lightning through his body using the water bender style to pass a charge through his body and blast anyone in his way.

Ice tomb: can encase his opponents in an icy prison having the sharps hardened ice slice worthy

Snow: He can bend water and change it into snow.

Ice Disk: Creates a small stand and hurls disk of ice while positioned on the ground. He tosses them at his enemy while on the ground.

Water whip: Summons water around him and hold it in his hand like fire style and cracks a whip to tame earth benders.

Flaming Phoenix: This move isnt perfected.

Fire blast: the basic shot of fire every firebender can do.

Fire Ring: can encase his opponent in a ring of fire and make it shrink trapping them as hey dehydrate.

Lightning flame: This move isnt perfected


His mother was a water bender and his father a firebender. They concieved him and hid him from the furious avatar fearing their only child would be killed. He grew up practicing his water bending with his mother in secrecy of the dawn. Likewise with his firebending with his firebending in the dusk. He still has alot to learn about both styles and their background, at school nobody knows he is a half breed bender. He would ridiculed as a freak, but praised as a dual bending prodigy.
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Demon_Eyes Kyo

He holds the triforce of power
Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Name: Luke Gale
Age: 17
Appearance: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h138/Roxasfan/vaan.jpg
the dude in the foreground
Personality: happy all the time. kind of quirky yet is cool most of the time. Even thought he is a soldier, he doesn't enjoy killing very much.
Gender: Male
Status: Air tribe warrior
Nation: Air
Element: Air-Eath
Techniques: Quicksand, Air Wave, Rock Carrier, Desert Climate
Bio: uhg.... can i just tell you sometime in the RP?
((Hopefully we can get a few others to join. You all start from what ever part of the globe, fire nation has it differently with with the avatar residing in its boundary. When he leaves, i follow him. For now, its just a civil life for our characters.))

Book of Water: The New Arrival

The calming society of the town proclaimed Raikaru after its newly appointed firelord. The great grandson of the renouned firelord Zuko. He ruled the fire nation with an fist of firey pride and his influence reflected on his people. With the spreading of the half breed benders across the globe the fire nations avatar became aware and enraged. He set out to master the elements and crush the half breeds to preserve the natural balance of benders. In his own mind he found this to be his destiney and he stuck with it no matter what the cost.


Waking up that morning Rion yawned as his arms rose above his head. The house was circulating at a comforting temperature as he awoke. "The morning fire, always a brightside." said Rion getting out of bed. He soon got dressed in his mandatory attire as it was tradition for the fire nation. "Man i hate wearing this outfit, i wish we didn't live in such a censorship of a society." whispered Rion before he left his room. He turned to the kitchen to see his mother moving the running water from the sink into a pot that was over a fire cooking breakfast. "Good to see your finally up Rion, your getting up alot later lately. Something you want to talk about?" said his mother stirring the pot. "Its nothing mother, im thinking about visiting our water bending bretheren in the north or the south and..." "You know its forbidden, what if the avatar found you? You know he despises half breed benders. You would be sooner destroyed, then saved, yes he is still a child a little older than you, but he is gifted." said his mother interrupting him. "I guess, we'll never be free...I'm going outside to gather my thoughts. See you in a bit, and tell dad he's getting rusty with his bending. Later mom."

Rion walked outside and stared at the rising sun. At a different part of the globe it would usually be going down by now. He kept hoping for more, but was never so fortunate. On his torso he kept a canteen of water to use for his water bending. He was the fire nations most incompatible cross bender, they would attack and ask questions later, but it wasn't as serious with the barrey of peace. Looking down the street a wave of fire came down an alley. "These guys...always livening up the neighborhood!" said Rion with an excited look. He set down the street and slid with his head facing left. "BOO!" cried a voice breathing the signature dragon breathes technique. Rion woke up and made a water bender stance guiding his inner chi and converged it on his hand to bend blue fire to sheild himself for the instant. The explosion sent the two sliding from one another, behind Rion however emerged one other swiftly and silent twisting his arm and holding a flamming dagger to his neck. "Checkmate my friend....your getting slower." said the voice laughing.
It was a nice day at the Northploe. The sun shine high above and the clouds past by as if they were cotten candy. The popele of the water tribe gather at the gate of the village. It seems that they are seeing some one off. A girl with cat-dog like ears was standing next to a huge white fox on the out skirts of the village.

"Rover we'll miss you!" Cried the childeren.
A man and a Women walked out of the crowed and Hugged Rover. "Just remeber you always have family down in the North Pole, even if you are adopited you are still my darghter." Said the man. "Just remeber, avoid the Avatar and the fire nation." Said the women as she cried.
"Mom and Daddy don't cry. I just want to explore and see this world we live in. Maybe I can find at least one person who looks like me and I can find out about myself." Said Rover as she hugged her Mother and Father.
An old shamen women stepped out of the gruop of poeple, "Young one, your journey will be long and life threating. Keep cool and keep that spirit of yours." Said the woman with a grien. "I will gradma." Said Rover as she bowed to the old women.
Rover looked up as Voxxy her white fox. Voxxy laid on the ground. Rover jumped onto Voxxy back, "Bye everyone, I'll come back to vist. I promise." Said Rover as she waved at every one. "Voxxy, Kun-Kun!" Said Rover to Voxxy.

Voxxy leapped into the air and flew off. Rover looked back one more time and waved bye. She wipped the tear from her eyes and looked back out front. The wind the blew was ice cold, but it didn't seem to effect Voxxy or Rover that much. "Alright girl lets have some fun!" Said Rover as she smiled. Voxxy just roared with happiness and flew through the cloud, heading towards the main land.


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Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Name: Chika
Age: 21
Appearance: http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/IBeatSephiroth/Jasmines stuff/Chika_0001.jpg
Personality: She dosn't like to show her fear or pain, she also dosn't care if people help her or not. She never 'wasts time' or hold back to think about what will happen if she makes a move. Not very nice either..
Gender: Female
Status: Fire Tribe Warrior
Nation: Fire
Element: Fire-Water
Steaming Liquid- Hurls steaming hot water balls at an enemy, burning off the enemys skin
Firery wall- Casts a wall of flames around an enemy, enclosing on them
Watery wall- the same move as Firery wall, but with water
Hot steel- burning hot steel swords fly at all enemys, doing critical damage
Freezing life- casts amonts of Iceicales at an enemy, sticking into them and freezing them for a while
More to learn throughout the RP
Bio: You'll learn in the RP
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Demon_Eyes Kyo

He holds the triforce of power
Luke walked out of his apartment into the sunlight. It blinded him. He had spent the last few days inside, planning for his trip. He had his supplies on his back, a sleeping bag, food, water... the usual. He was going to the water nation to help on the construction of a new dam (their old one was cracking in places) and it would take him a few days to get there. No one bothered to say goodbye to him, because they all knew he was coming back. Thought was more like it, he was having his own about coming back, as the water nation was much more prosperous and he could help them more than he could his own nation, Air, with his air and earth bending.

Luke stepped to the edge of the platform that was his nation, it was up in the sky and the only way to get to it was by flying, and got out his glider. He took a step off the edge and opened it up, then glided through the air for a while.

He touched down on the ground during the evening. The sun was going down so he decided to set up camp for the night. He rolled out his sleeping bag and began to made a fire. He cooked his dinner, some noodles with special sauce, ate, then went immideatly to bed.
Rion could feel the flame tickle under his neck, he slowly lifted his hands above his head. "Looks like you got me." said Rion wiggling his fingers. "I told you, im the best among the young firebenders." said his friend. "Really? Last i checked i was the best only second to the firelord." said Rion as water crept from a near bucket and slammed into his friend. Rion capitilized and delivered a swift shot to his chest and he fell to the ground. If only you knew i could bend the water, then maybe you would win. Rion smiled loosly at his companion, "Why the hell does that always happen!" cried his friend. "Kazune just be a man and admit you got beat...again." said Rayex to Kazune.

"So whats on the agenda today?" said Rion wrapping his arm around his head. "We are supposed to gather at town square, the firelord has an announcement to make. "Fine, so long as its not taking all day. I have things to think about." Rion gave him nonchallant look and nodded. The two then walked over out of the alley and towards the square where everyone had been gathering recently. It would be a while before they were all together, but it seemed to be the annual festival today. The fire bending prodigy were strolling out in a line standing on a stage in the front of the middle of the town square. "Now let us mystify your minds with the festival of the dancing flame!" spoke a flambouyantly dressed announcer on the stage. He put filled his mouth with some strange fluid, he spit out a massive flame and associates followed and shot strings of fire to contain it. "Now watch as we show you how this, the sun acts as our ultimate power source." spoke the head.
Rover was laying back on Voxxy back as they flew sky high over the main land. Rover looked down as saw the land below. "Hey, Voxxy lets land." Said Rover.

Voxxy hissed and looked back at Rover, "I know this land is fire nation terratory, but I want to explore and also I bet you're getting hungery." Said Rover with a sly smile. Voxxy stomch growled. "Ha, I knew it. Now, lets land. So we can get something to eat and explore." Said Rover as she looked at Voxxy.

Voxxy growled and looked down, "Don't worry, I'll just stay out of the cities. I mean, I have cat-Dog ears. I think I'll stand out to much." Said Rover as she filddle with the callor around her neck. Voxxy just shook her head and landed in a grassy plain. "Great touchdown Voxxy." Said Rover as she jumpped off of Voxxy's back. Rover sreatched abit, "Okay, I see a road, lets follow it." Said Rover as she looked back at Voxxy.

So, both Rover and Voxxy are walking down the road, Rover looking up at the sky as the coulds rolled by and Voxxy looking out for any fire nation warriors.

Demon_Eyes Kyo

He holds the triforce of power
Luke pulled out a map he had taken with him, and searched for where he was. He found it quickly and identified which nation's territory he was in. "Fire, damn. I've got to go south from here then east when I reach the earth nation, I think. This map is't very good, it doesn't even have the water nation on it." He said to himself

Luke walked at a fairly quick pace, heading south, and before he knew it he was at the edge of the forest and at an entrance into a large, grassy feild. Looking around he saw a road, and a person walking with what appeared to be a very large Fox. "Mabey they can help me." He said, and he sprinted off after them.
Rion watched the sun the proffessional fire benders made with the greatest of ease. "Note that this massive ball represents the sun. As we all know, the sun is a massive flamming star and a mass of hydrogen. Well, when it ages, it is fated to explode creating a supernova. Like so..." spoke the head signaling the two fire benders providing the lit flame to sustatin it. The massive fireball began to rupture and it released a mass explosion that echoed in a wave over the town square. "Thats amazing!" said Rion to Kazune. They smiled as the as the flames soon subsided and the firelord dismissed the performers.

"Yes, thank our performers. Now getting to the issues of gaining our control once again. Your young boys of the ages 15 and up will be joining the ranks and become firebenders to fight for their nation." said the firelord with a stern unflinching look in his eye. "However, the only way our conquest is to be complete is for one thing to be certain. Our Nations avatar, Rokumaru! Named after the legendary pastlife himself." spoke the firelord. The young avatar of no more than 18 approached the stage and stared openly at all of the firebenders. "Well, i know im still a novice at best, but my mission has depicted my destiny. It is by my own will that i cease the rise of half breed benders, they are too much like the avatar, if its like this now, soon you will see full fledged benders with power over all of the elements. War would break out using the power of the of these new breeds could become corrupt, which is why i must stop it now. Rise if their is any among us that is of a second breed, if you wish not to be hunted down and destroyed stand tall and approach the stage." spoke Rokumaru boldly as his eyes stared.

Everyone began to bow and the chain continued, even Kazune did, but Rion didn't. "So your of a second breed kid?" said Rokumaru all eyes on Rion. "Yeah, thats me for you. Though im not the least power hungry, you want to interrogate me, be my guest." said Rion giving him lip. "Don't insult me just because i'm around your age." said Rokumaru. "Back up that mouth and firebend." said Rion jumping onto the stage. "Watch closely and maybe i can change your views on half breeds."
Voxxy's ears twiched she looked back and saw a man running towards them. Voxxy nudged Rover. Rover's ears purked up, "Huh, what is it Voxxy?" Said Rover as she looked back to see a guy running towards them.

"Voxxy do you smell fire or anything burnt on him." Said Rover, Voxxy glanced at Rover and then back at the man, Voxxy started to hiss at him. "Okay." Said Rover as she stand in a earth bender pose, ready to lunch an attack if he trys anything.

Demon_Eyes Kyo

He holds the triforce of power
"HEY, WAIT!" Luke said as he got closer. He stopped infront of the girl and the large fox hissed at him. He was panting when he stopped, so he waited a few seconds before asking, "Do you *pant* know how to get to the *pant* Water nation?" He asked. He also noticed that the girl was in the Erth Bending position. "Woah, you're an Earth bender?"
Rover's ears twiched when he said Water Nation, Voxxy was still hissing. "Voxxy, wait for a second." Said Rover. Voxxy stopped and glared at the man. "Why do you wish to go to the Water Nation?" Said Rover as she still kept her stand.
"And no I'm not an earth bender...well, I'm...wait Just answer mY first question!" Said Rover. Voxxy just shook her head.
"Oh, whew, you don't know, how glad I am to hear that you are not from the Fire Nation." Said Rover as she relaxed. Voxxy still glared at the guy. "Um, I'm from the Water Nation, I just left there. I'm Rover Hydro nice to meet you and you are?" Asked Rover as she tilted her head.

Voxxy yowled, "Oh." Said Rover as she twiches her ears. "She's Voxxy my main bestest best friend." Said Rover as she petted Voxxy. Voxxy let out a roar.


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Weapon: Poe Pole(Can become any weapon)

Magic: Power to summin Dragons,Fire,Physic,Ice,Thunder.

Bio:Has a really bad tember, if you make him mad enough he can do some thing to you that you dont see everyday. Can be fun to be around once you get to kno him, But may be kinda mean when you dont know him.

Info:Was abanded by his grandmother when he was 2, his mother and father died together while on a journey, the were both mages.He found a pack of mages while he was wondering in the woods and asked them to take him in, They did it, Now he is 15 and the strongest mage of the pack.
Rion stared for a while at Rokumaru, the heads of the townsfolk rose to watch. A half breed had revealed himself out in the open. "So if you don't wish to die, defeating me may be your only means for salvation." said Rokumaru. "You forget, you only know one element, so we can call it even." said Rion getting into stance. "Even? We aren't even in the same class!" said Rokumaru blowing a flame towards Rion. Leaping to his right Rion managed to evade, and his fist surged with a flame in his hand. He shaped into into the form of a whip and rushed and began to lash the whip of fire at Rokumaru only to have it blocked with his enflamed elbows. Left, right, diagonal sweep, horizontal slash, no matter where he sliced he managed to block with teh greatest ease. "You forget, i've been training with the most astute master teachers, while you still seem to be struggling." said Rokumaru and he shoved his elbow into Rion and sent him flying across the stage.

He hit the ground pretty hard and was shaking a bit from the impact. Rokumaru was just laughing, "I bet you were just lying about being half breed bender, by now you would be using your second element. Rion pushed himself up as he was panting pretty hard now, he looked upon the avatar with an intense look in his eyes. "Don't underestimate me, not even for a second...let see if the elders taught you this..." Rion got into a water bender like stance and pointed his finger towards the sky. "What are you going to do? Point at the sky and hope the mighty one will help? I think not." said the avatar boastingly. Rion focused and he could feel the intense rupture through his body pass through left finger, through his lower stomach, which he held it. Channeling some to his finger he unleashed it all full force on Rokumaru. "Did you learn this yet!" cired Rion sending a swift stream of lightning towards Rokumaru, he managed a last second flame barrier but flew across the stage and crashed into the city squares fountain.

The people watched amazed as a mere novice had just upset the Avatar. The fountain began to glow and Avatar Rokumaru rose from it as the water rose with him. "He's using the avatar state! Run!" screamed Rion as water was rushing at an intense speed. Rion got into a water bending stance, he ripped the water from the fountain and placed it in front of him. He made it rise standing on a tower of ice the Rokumaru was slowly regaining his sense of self, but not launching a massive tsunami towards Rion washing him off the stage and into the distant alley. "Just perfect..." said Rion getting up and rushing home.