Avatar: The Coming of Half Breeds

Rover saw the whole thing between the Fire Bender Admaril and The fire bender guy. "Hmmm." Said Rover as she tilted her head. Voxxy walked over to Rover and growled, Rover petted Voxxy. "Okay I understand." Said Rover walked over to Rion.

Rover took a deep breath and held out her hand to shake, "Hi My name is Rover, sorry about the little fight we had. You just can't be to safe now in days." Said Rover with a big smile.

Voxxy walked over and sat next to Rover, "Oh and this is Voxxy I had her ever since I can rember." Said Rover as she looked over at Voxxy.
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Rion smiled seeing as the girl had introduced herself and felt a sense of comfort which was good. He walked over to Makyu as he calmed and glided a swift lick across his face. "So you two are half breeds, somehow that didn't suprise me." said Rion now glancing over at the two. "In truth, i had to decieve my nation for years, what with the avatar trying to eliminate half breeds. From what i saw your a water and earth bender, and that guy over there is a air and earth bender." Pausing Rion stood firmly, he knew so little about water bending and their was no water to bend so all he had was fire at his disposal.

"Well count me in as a half breed, my second is...well its incredibly hard considering its my opposite...thats kind of embarrassing isn't it." Rion said as he head dropped. When he created ice for the first time it was by fluke at best. "I wanted to go to a family tribe in the north to find their best teacher in hopes to overcome my dilemna." He held out his hand and a flame danced fiercly in his hand, "all i can do is destroy with this element...it has very few redeeming qualities other than heat and warmth." said Rion closing his hand, he pictured the lightning as he was a gifted firebender capable of doing it.
Voxxy growled, Rover looked over at Voxxy, "Yeah, he might be talking about Grandma." Siad Rover with a smile. "Well your in luck, Rion-kun. Grandma has toght me all I know about water bending." Siad Rover as petted Voxxy.

"I'm from the Water tribe of the north, I just left there some time ago anyway." Siad Rover as Voxxy licks her. "If you want to I could maybe take you two back home with me?" Asked Rover as she tilted her ears.
Rion's eyes lit up and he was gracious at what he heard. "Thats great! I can only do a little right now, but if you can help I would be eternally greatful." said Rion. Unknown to him, he was being watched by a friend of his whom lay concealed in the bushes. His thoughts were racing, it was Kaze no doubt, knowing all this new information he vanished back into the city to pass on the news. To think i was friends with a half-breed... His thoughts were ruffled and his fire was heated, nothing more could be said, but he was intent on crushing his former ally.

Rion finally snapped out of his tough guy with wisdom act and spread his arms out. "Yeah!! Finally i get to learn water-bending!" said Rion with a smile. He turned and hugged Makyu and looked back at the two assuring them he was ready to take off. "Well could you at least show me the basics?" His eyes had an innocent look in them, there was a body of water nearby.
Rion too that moment to think over his general idea. "Your right that is pretty dangerous. Patience has always been one of my strong points so i guess i can wait." said Rion with a level head. He stood looking around seeing that it was good to take off. Pulling out a map of the fire nation, knowing you could only find one here he mapped his spot which was the outskirts of New Ozai.

"Best we get moving or else the admiral discovers you. To tell the truth i want to make sure you both move from here, no doubt they've found out my mother was a water bender, so i could divert their attention for you guys." said Rion. His eyes turned east towards the town, a shot of flame emerged from the town. "As i suspected, thats the high alert. The only time it goes off is if we have a rouge firebender in this case, me." Foot steps could be heard echoeing in the distance from the town.
As the noise got louder, the bushes ruffled and out stepped Kaze. "There you are, you weren't intending on leaving now, would you Rion?" said Kaze with suspicion. "Kaze? Shouldn't you be back in town?" said Rion wondering why his friend would come so far outside of the city. "Cut the antics we know Rion. For that much your under arrest." said Kaze as firebender soldiers came from the bushes behind him with illuminating fist. "The firelord pulled up your families file, they've known for a while now, but you were stupid enough to bring it up earlier trying to be a show off." Rion looked at Kaze with a solemn expression, "So what now, are you going to take me in, you know for a fact you can't beat me and i don't know the first thing about my second element." said Rion boldly.

The firebenders stood in a line behind Kaze and they got into stance. "This is your last warning, give up or you'll be broiled alive. Besides, its better if your extinguished by the Avatar himself than us." said Kaze awaiting a response. Rion then sighed and lifted his arms in dual up claw stance to channel lightning. "So thats how it is...fool! FIRE!!" Giving the order the firebenders all shot flames converged on Rion. Lifting his hands upward a wall of blue flame arouse and blocked all the incoming burst! As they melded through the smoke came Makyu giving a swat with his tail to blow a few of them back while flames kept coming.

Damnit, why did it have to be him of all people.
Coming through the flames Kaze had two daggers of fire in his grasp. Rion stood vigilant and tried to reason with him. "Why are you trying so hard to take me in when i didn't do anything. Your my friend right?" Rion spoke to Kaze hoping he would listen to him. He wasn't so fortunate as blast after blast kept coming as they were fleeing from the grassland. As he chased after him he arrived near the ocean bank at the very edge of the shore. Water! If only i knew how to use it! Kaze then stopped and stared at Rion and then the body of water. "So your about to waterbend right? I need evidence anyway so do it!"

Rion stared at him again, to repeat that he couldn't do it was growin annoyingl. "How many time do i have to tell you!? I don't know how! and if you don't believe just watch." Rion cried turning to the water. His stance took to firebender and he launched flames out at the ocean. He lacked the one thing all waterbenders had...cool calm state of mind that gave them their grace. He soon fell to his feet and stared at the ocean. Kaze lowered his fist, "Is this supposed to be a joke, because if t is its not funny!" "Just because im a waterbender doesn't mean i can waterbend dumbass, thats what i've been trying to tell you, so what if the avatar has a problem with it. The firelord just wants to take in its half breeds to use as weapons in the secret war their plotting and I didn't want to become involved." said Rion. "Well let me be honest with you, i didnt seek you out b/c i wanted too. I was forced to and i didn't my father would disown me and i'd be banished." Kaze had reason enough for his actions.

A roaring speed emerged from the trees and a slammed down a wave of flame that blew Rion into the water and Kaze into the rock. Rion looked up to be see Rokumaru on the beach staring at him through the flames. "Found you at last, this time die with some dignity." Rokumaru spoke wafting his hand and rose a tower of water with Rion on it. "Since when can you waterbend!?" said Rion confused. "you know their are waterbender in the firenation, i happened to find a master thats still training me." The water collapsed and trapped Rion inside as he grasped for air, Kaze was knocked out cold. Desperately grasping for air Rion tried to pull the bubble prison open, slowly he was succeeding and ripped it open.
Rover stomp the ground and waved her hands to the right hard, a huge rock knocked out the last fire bender. Rover then looked around, "Uh-oh, where'd Rion and his friend go?" Siad Rover with a little worry.

Voxxy ran over to Rover Hissing, "What, he's near the sea?" Siad Rover with a little shock, "Well, lets go, Kun-Kun!" Said Rover as jumpped on Voxxy back and took off into the air. Voxxy quickly flew over to where Rion and Kaze was, "Oh-no, Rion is trapped in a water Bubble." Siad Rover as she looked at the waterbender who trapped him, "Who's that guy...Is he a water bender?" Siad Rover.

Rover became more worry about Rion then the water Bender, Voxxy landed in the grass near the sand. Rover quickly ran over to the trapped Rion. Rover gracfully waved her hands apart and the water trapping Rion spilt into two and asorbed in the ground. "Rion-kun are you okay?" Siad Rover.
"Yeah im ok, but that guy is no push over. Thats Rokumaru, the fire nation born avatar." said Rion catching his breath. "So good to see I'm not forgotten. I am here for one purpose and thats to dispose of the half breeds in the world. They are being used as weapons to start wars, thats what the firelord says. Im doing this only to prevent another breakout of war." said Rokumaru. Rion's eyes burned with the hot intensity of a firebender and he stood in stance. "My life isn't going to end when i don't even know how to waterbend! Im not going to fight you who is the border between here and the spirit world. Just like you some half-breeds are connected."

Kaze was slowly waking up and he glanced over at Rion and the girl beside him. "So whats your decision? Banishment...or death. If you run we'll hunt you down and eventually you'll be compromised." said Kaze. Rion had a mass confusion running through his mind. Staring at two people who would bring him down, his hands covered his head as he was trying to think. Makyu then came bursting through the bushes with firebenders trailing. Rion held on his hands grabbed onto his horns and flew out into the sea. "Rover lets go!" Rion yelled back at her not expecting Makyu to intervene.
"Yo Foxxy, Kun-Kun!" Yelled Rover as she looked back. Voxxy came thought the tall grass and quickly to Rover. Rover jumpped on to Voxxy's back and flew off. Voxxy cought up with Rion and his dragon, "So, it looks like we're going to have alot of poeple after us." Siad Rover to Rion.

"Rion-kun, you're friends and family, what are you going to do?" Asked Rover as she looked over to Rion.
"I'm not really sure, if what Kaze said was true, they've known about us for years...I was inevitable that this was going to happen." Rion said Rover. "If the avatar leaves the fire nation now, they won't be able to brainwash him. I'll be viewed as an outcast, but atleast we'll be able to connect with him and tell him the truth." Rion could feel the wind blowing through the sky. Though this day had sadenned him he could at least be fortunate that he was capable of fixing it. His gloom soon faded, with his eagerness to learn a second style of bending.

He pulled out a map from his bag of the fire nation. They were actually receeding from the eastern coast of the fire nation. The edge of the earth kingdom would be in site soon enough. "By the looks of it, we'll hit the earth nation waters by nightfall." said Rion staring at the map. He rolled it back up and put it in his bag.
"Earth Kingdom, He don't they got that big city there?" Siad Rover as she looked over at Rion. "After sometraining, we should go there and look around." Siad Rover.

Voxxy growled. "I'm not going to get off track, My mind is on this like..." Siad Rover before she got disracted by a flock of birds. Voxxy Sighed and shook her head.
Makyu's ungilating style of flight kept Rion up as the sun was setting. "Don't you get tired of flight travel, its only my first day on actually doing this and im air sick." Rion said with uneasy moan. So far all they have been seeing is water with dry patches of dirt islands under them. It was boring on top of it all, no doubt the fire nation was going to start the up another war. Blinding Rokumaru with idiotic lies was step one, now that he is out learning the elements their doing something drastic.

The moon was out in the sky and the land became wider, taking out his map Rion looked it over once more. "Were at the edge of the earth kingdom now. Pretty soon we'll hit a new city called 'Konashi?' Never heard of it, but its renowned for its pretty girls....well i like it already!" Rion said with a snicker. Gah, i can't believe i said that out loud, yeah...my sensei's perverted thoughts unfortunately rubbed off a little on to me...geez. Makyu kept going, but he was nodding in and out as he was growing weary. Letting out a yawn and mild roar was a sure sign, "Don't worry buddy, we're here anyway." Rion said as they soon touched down at the outskirts of the city.
Rover was flying along side Rion, He asked about traveling and how she deals with it, Rover didn't bother answering that question, I guess I should say that I've been traveling tring to find a place where I belong for a long time, so I'm kindda use to traveling...

Night soon fell and the Moon was out, the Moon seem to fill Rover with energy as she looked up at it, Rover heard Rion's remark about Konshi's grils and she laughed.

Voxxy was getting tired along with Rion's dragon. "Hang in there girl." Siad Rover as she petted Voxxy. The group landed in the outskirts of the city, "Wow, so this is a city, Coolness." Siad Rover with energy. Rover got so excted that she ran into the City leaving the others behind. Voxxy just sighed and shook her head.
The town appeared to be quite lively and had many things to offer. Walking further there were fireXearthbenders doing stunts. "So they are here as well...its uplifting to see how they spread so vastly.'' Rion said to himself. He sighed, but soon replaced it seeing a few girls in kimonos walk past him. "Life is good. At this moment its great!" He snickered and took a seat to watch the performance heat up. Amazing how he lit rocks on fire and made them dance around them with the utmost control.

Cursed with opposites, Rion's cancel the other out instantly. He watched intently as the rocks colided with one another back to back and the flames extinguished with the properties of the dirt and rock. I bet nobody figured out the key secret to earth or firebending yet. With a swift, quick mild smirk he stood up and cracked his fingers. "Thats impressive, but can you do this?" Rion boasted as flames appeared in his hands and he blasted a circle across his feet. Arcing on one toe, he spun around counter clockwise making the flames rise like a ring off the ground shrinking to almost burn his body. He could by will control the amount of oxgen being burned and the fire turned into a blue halo above head. It finally went out when he stopped spinning. The people clapped, as did the performers, but they didn't know he didn't know how to earthbend at all.

He knew a bit of waterbending, but never chose to practice it with the strict laws in the fire nation. If he was caught, he would have been killed on the spot no doubt or be sent to the firelord. Buckets filled with water were nearby and he took a little and it floated over to him for about 3 seconds before splattering on the ground. "Hehe, i guess i still need some work with the basics." Rion said scratching his head.
Rover was in the shopping scetion of the city, diffrent shops and carts was sealing some many items. Rover walked though the shops looking and hearing the sights of the city.

"Come and try my fine jewelry ladies its lovely!" Shouted one cart sells men.
"For sale..umm.. I don't know what it is but its for sale!" Siad another shop owner.

"Wow." Siad Rover as she looked at the shops. Rove was so exicted her ears were purked up listening to everyone talked. "Too bad We don't have enough money to buy some of these nice stuff." Siad Rover as she looked back at Voxxy, who is following Rover to make sure she won't get into trubble.

Rover entered a shop at the eagde of the city, it looked dark and old. "Hmmm, something here smells fermilar." Siad Rover as she walked into the shop. Voxxy followed.

The idems they have in the shop was covered in dust, the shop looked like no one has been in here for some time. Then Rover spotted something on display, it was a callor like her's and it had some writtening on it. "Huh?" Siad Rover as she ran up to the item. Rover fiddle with the calloer around her neck and looked at the one on display.
Rion eventually moved from the livelyhood of the streets and browsed through some of the shops. He was flipping through a series of scrolls all about bending, but of the earth variety. "Man nobody here waterbends? I can't say im not suprised." Rion said as he continued to flip through the scrolls. All he had to fall on was the number of stances and chi channeling. Chances of him mastering his opposite were highly unlikely at his current level. His teacher used to preach about all the four nations each having different qualities. To him it sounded like business reguarding the avatar.



"Avatar Rokumaru, might you wait a little longer to help us capture the remaining half-breeds in the city?" The firelord spoke in a rage. "I need to set out and master the other elements and destroy the others out there." Rokumaru stated boldly. "Such demands to leave the grounds without my men accompanying you." The firelord stated. "It is my destiney that was chosen, i apologize if my presence is absent. The world needs to regain balance and the only way is to wipe out those who posses a second element." Rokumaru said before leaving. The chambers of the firelord burned even more prevailantly as the avatar took to northern air temple to master airbending next. "Begin the operation." The firelord said with a grin. They began to dispatch the captured half breeds and planned an attack on the nearby earth kingdom. "That fool is so blind...he is merely a pawn."