Avatar: The Coming of Half Breeds

Seeing the two stray away he felt blinded with no sense of direction, he came to beat around the bush. Walking the beach with a lit flame he stopped when he saw a fire had been started. Ducking into the bushes nearby he stared out at those around the fire, to his dismay it was a circle of firebenders. Geez, i bet they came to get me no doubt. They gathered around the fire and began to speak.

"You guys find the lead on that kid? We can't just run around in circles."

"I would like to see you handle a map captain."

"Mind your place navigator and tell me out location."

The young one overlooked the map, it was singed and burned slightly. Signs of it soaked from the ocean water was also present. The cadet stared at the map and gazed at the edge of the earth kingdom where they had landed ashore. Trying to find the nearest city that was by the outskirts of the beach they resided on.

"Here we are, it says were here in Konashi i think, i can't really read it in the dark."

"So long as this is were the brat is, we don't need anything else. Lets set up camp and move in the morning into the city."

The soldiers saluted and snuffed out the fire before returning to the tents. One by one they poured into them with weary faces, they weren't cut out for this type of thing. With such a long-term of peace, war wasn't just something you could get back into right on the spot. Rion felt they didn't have the resolve to really take him back in. Pulling back into the shadows, the moon came out from hiding behind the clouds yet again. His path in the sand had been made visible and turning for the small hill he wandered in the direction of the town. Makyu was outside were he had left him, people would freak if they saw a fire nation dragon bearing the insignia enter the town nonchallantly. Rion curled under him to get some rest, best he sort things out come the morning.
"Yeah, Voxxy what is it?" Siad Rover in a cheerful way. (I'm just gonna type out what Voxxy is going to tell her) "Its about that callor you bought." Siad Voxxy.
"Yeah? what about it?" Siad Rover as she pulled it out.
"It might be talking about you and your callor." Siad Voxxy.
"You mean the tag part, me? why me?" Siad Rover.
"This about it, you're kinda like the only one around here with ears like that, we might have to head for the south pole." Siad Voxxy.
"But what about Rion-kun, he has to go back home with use to learn his water bending." Siad Rover.
"We'll drop him off, and be on our way. Think about it. This can be your chance to find out who you really are." Siad Voxxy.

Rover looked down at the callor and then back up at Voxxy and nodded. "We should get back to Rion-kun, he might be worried." Siad Rover as she and Voxxy head for the outskirts of town.
Rion lay knocked out beside Makyu whom emitted soot from his nostrils. The breeze was warm and kept Rion comfortable, he rolled around as he slept seeing as he was used to an actual bed. The city also had fallen asleep, the candles were blown out and the light vanished. The moon was back in the sky and shed its light down on all of the inhabitants in the local area. Time was slipping by as mysterious as it had emerged. Rion was thinking about Avatar Rokumaru and his friend Kaze whom had turned on him. It ruffled his thoughts as he turned somewhat in his sleep. It figures this stuff only happens to me.

The sun was replaced with the moon soon enough. This was the sign of the firebender's strength. As the light hit Rion on his forhead, he breathed out and a short flame followed. The birds were chirping from the trees nearby against the wall he and Makyu had been resting on. He yawned and stretched his arms towards the sky, "Morning already?" Rion said rubbing his eyes. He shook Makyu who was beside him and he woke up with a similar yawn. His eyes awoken and he wriggled his long body and loosened his owns scales. "Morning buddy, i think its time we parted under the rising sun." Rion said. He pulled out a map and looked it over, his sights were set north.
Rover and Voxxy had made there way back to Rion and Makyu during the night, they took a seat behind the tree they were all resting under. While Rion and Makyu slept Voxxy and Rover was up all night thinking.
Should I really find out who I am?
What the point of me finding out who I am?
Its not like I'm important or something.

Though out the night these thoughts and more raced though Rover's head. Voxxy was up just to keep Rover company. Both Rover and Voxxy ears twiched when they heard Rion and Mayku stir. Rover shook the thoughts and feelings from her head and smiled, "Good moring you two." Siad Rover cheerfully as she peeked around the tree at Rion and Mayko. There's no need to tell Rion about this...


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May 7, 2013
Remember when you were little and you used to play dress-up or "pretend"? Roleplaying is an advanced version of that game. Roleplaying is a way for people to express themselves and their creativity while having fun at the same time. Roleplaying was popularized with Dungeons and Dragons, a pen-and-paper (PnP) RPG. Since the dawn of the computer age, roleplaying has shifted from board games to video games. Roleplaying in an MMO is vitally different than roleplaying by yourself, as there are as many rules as there are people. However, there is a general consensus of the rules of roleplay, which have been laid out in this guide.