GTA 5?


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Did some digging just for you, harry.

It's rumored that it's going to take place in a setting that will be based on Hollywood. The company seems pretty confident about it.

In this article from CVG, Michael Pachter discusses how he suspects that it will launch in mid-late 2012. He estimates this by looking at a financial release of the companies (i forget who) projections. Apparently the 3 biggest names working on the game (and he states there are well over 200 others working on it as well) seem to have contracts that expire at the beginning of 2012. It gets a little technical from there, but long story short he says that it's probably "Well into development".

Couldn't find much more on anything from the actual game, and this article was released back in December, so it might be a little old. But i thought it was interesting to at least have a release date to think about.


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Dec 25, 2022
I have already completed playing GTA 5. It's a great game release on the franchise by Rockstar. They are already developing GTA 6. We are waiting for when it's going to be released.